‘Chicago Med’: Will Season 8 Feature Kristen Hager’s Stevie Hammer?

by Chris Piner

Premiering back in 2015, Chicago MD follows the most skilled doctors and nurses as they struggle to save lives. Part of the Gaffney Chicago Medical Center, the team is the last line of hope for the city. But on top of treating patients and hoping for the best, the staff juggle their own problems and hardships. Presented by NBC, the show not only garnered positive reviews, but it is returning for the eighth season. While fans are rejoicing for another season with their favorite characters, for Dr. Stevie Hammer, played by Kristen Hager, it might be the end. 

Looking back on the character development of Kristen Hager’s character, Dr. Hammer always kept her troubles and anxieties under control. No matter the troubles in her personal life, Dr. Hammer continued to do her job with integrity and professionalism. But being human, the doctor wasn’t always silent, revealing many of her troubles to fellow doctor, Halstead. Although Kristen Hager eventually mended her relationship with her mother, leaving halfway through season 7, many fans are wondering if she will return in future episodes. 

Kristen Hager Announces She Is Pregnant

After reconciling with her mother and coming to terms with what brought her back to Chicago, Dr. Hammer shocked fans by leaving, hoping to start a new life. While being only a storyline, in real life, actor Kristen Hager also moved into a new chapter of her life. She announced with beautiful maternity photos that she was expecting her first child. Still excited about the show’s success, Hager stated she wanted to leave in order to focus solely on her pregnancy. 

With Kristen Hager leaving the show, forcing a bookend on her character, some fans are suggesting that Dr. Hammer might return. Especially when she and Dr. Halstead had a growing relationship. No matter how much fans speculate, it appears that season 8, debuting this fall, will not feature Kristen Hager. As a vacant spot opened on the main cast, Jessy Schram, portraying Dr. Hannah Asher stepped in. 

What It Takes To Be On Chicago MD

Having a dedicated fanbase, many of the actors on the show take their roles as nurses and doctors seriously. Kristen Hager admitted she once spent a week with trauma nurses to prepare. Known for playing charge nurse Maggie Lockwood, Marlyne Barret revealed during the off-season, that she also visits hospitals and stays in close contact with the medical advisors on the show. 

Discussing her regiment, Barrett said, “I don’t go a season without coming back and at least catching up with Bobbin [Bergstrom] or [Andrew Dennis], who are our medical consultants, and make sure we get a chance to at least visit the hospital and remind ourselves what the atmosphere is in an E.D. — the rhythm in which life is really lived.”