‘Chicago Med’: Will Torrey DeVitto Return for Season 8?

by Shelby Scott

When season 7 of Chicago Med aired last fall, fans of the medical drama bid goodbye to two fan-favorite characters. Now, as the NBC series prepares to embark on its 8th season, Chi-hards are anxious to see whether any of our beloved alums will return, specifically Torrey DeVitto’s Natalie Manning.

The departure of Dr. Natalie Manning was a huge blow to fans for two reasons. One, she served as one of the hit medical drama’s longest-running characters. Manning actress Torrey DeVitto joined the series in its pilot season and remains a favorite among fans six seasons later. Second, her relationship with Nick Gehlfuss’s Dr. Will Halstead made her departure even more heartbreaking.

Given her status as a doctor and character at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center, it makes sense that Chicago Med fans are aching for her return. They’re even willing to settle for it in a cameo or guest-starring capacity. Unfortunately, showrunners haven’t shared any details that have suggested the character will return. However, the actress’s busy schedule seems to imply it will be a while before Torrey DeVitto returns to Chicago Med.

According to One Chicago Center, DeVitto left the series to pursue “new adventures,” referring to various acting projects. However, less vaguely, the outlet pointed out that DeVitto has had a handful of successful projects since departing the series.

First, the Chicago Med star will appear in the upcoming film Skelly, alongside actor Brian Cox. In addition, she recently appeared in Cold, a horror film which she also executive produced. Prior to that, she headed to Hallmark, appearing in two separate films, The Christmas Promise and A Rip In Time.

When Will ‘Chicago Med’ Season 8 Premiere?

Whether or not Torrey DeVitto reprises her role on Chicago Med remains to be seen. But, what we can confirm is that Chicago Med is returning for a brand new season this fall and, given the dynamism of the season 7 finale, the premiere is sure to be nothing short of adrenaline-pumping. That said, impatient fans are still waiting to hear about a premiere date, and while showrunners’ lips remain sealed, we have our best estimate here for you.

As we know, Chicago Med, not to mention its sister shows Chicago Fire and Chicago PD, will return this fall, and, based on 10 prior years of One Chicago, we can likely expect the series to premiere its first episode of the new season sometime in mid-to-late September. In addition, NBC has confirmed the trio of shows will return to its Wednesday night timeslot, with Chicago Med kicking off the barrage of dramas at 8 p.m. EST.

That said, official return dates likely won’t be released until late June or mid-July. So, while we still have a bit of a wait, it’s crazy to think preparation for an all-new season of Chicago Med may soon be underway.