Former ‘Law & Order’ Star S. Epatha Merkerson Wants To See ‘SVU’ and ‘Chicago Med’ Crossover

by Shelby Scott

Hollywood producer Dick Wolf has a solid monopoly on primetime television, not that we’re complaining. With three ongoing successful franchises, including “Law & Order,” “One Chicago,” and “FBI,” it’s hard not to come across the writer-producer’s work, not to mention fall in love with it. In fact, it’s that very success that’s led to some of TV’s most memorable crossover events. That said, even some of the series’ former stars are looking for new crossover opportunities. One of those is “Law & Order” alum S Epatha Merkerson, who now stars in the hit medical drama, “Chicago Med.” In speaking to her various roles, the actress revealed that, in the future, she’d like to see a crossover between “SVU” and “Chicago Med.” So would we.

Merkerson spoke to the potential crossover during NBCUniversal’s upfront Monday night in New York City. There, she was found strolling the event with longtime “Law & Order: SVU” star Mariska Hargitay. While there, the current “Chicago Med” star said, “I think it would be really cool if at some point we do a crossover.”

S. Epatha Merkerson Would Play ‘Med’ Role in Crossover with ‘SVU’

That said, it would be interesting to see which role Merkerson would fulfill. While she’s well-renowned as Gaffney Chicago Medical Center’s head of patient and medical services, Sharon Goodwin, she played quite a different role on “Law & Order.”

According to MSN, the Sharon Goodwin actress starred in Dick Wolf’s earliest franchise from 1993 to 2010, appearing in nearly 400 episodes. There, she played a member of law enforcement, Lt. Anita Van Buren, the 27th precinct’s office head.

If forced to choose between her two characters for an “SVU”/”Chicago Med” crossover, she told the outlet, “We’d have to go as ‘Med’…and Olivia Benson and I [could] cross paths and we make a stop – a moment to say–”

“Do I know you?” “Chicago Fire‘s” Taylor Kinney humorously jumped in. “Chicago PD” star Jason Beghe also made an appearance at the event, where he spoke about earlier crossovers between his show and the “Law & Order” franchise.

‘One Chicago’ Has Crossed Over with ‘Law & Order’ Multiple Times

While Jason Beghe and the rest of the cast of “Chicago PD” have enjoyed their own crossovers with the “Law & Order” crew, the longtime star said a crossover between “Chicago Med” and “SVU” would definitely be a fun one.

According to MSN, there have been four total crossovers between Dick Wolf’s “One Chicago” franchise and “Law & Order: SVU.” The first two took place in 2014, followed by one in 2015 and one in 2016.

Additionally, the outlet stated many “SVU” stars have appeared alongside those members of the “One Chicago” universe. Although Merkerson has yet to make hers. Likely, part of the reason she has not crossed over is due to the fact that she has played in both Dick Wolf franchises.