‘One Chicago’ Fans Name Their All-Time Favorite Crossover Event

by Alex Falls

The One Chicago universe continues to grow more prominent on our TV screens. Ever since Chicago Fire premiered in 2012, fans haven’t been able to get enough of the drama behind the windy city’s public service. Chicago P.D. joined the fray in 2013, followed by Chicago Med in 2015.

Crossover possibilities are seemingly endless. We even see crossover couples like Trudy Platt (played by Amy Morton) from Chicago P.D. and Randy “Mouch” McHolland (played by Christian Stolte) from Chicago Fire co-mingling on screen. Certainly one of the things fans love most is all of the potential crossover moments that could be waiting just around the corner.

Fans debate continuously about which crossover event is the best, and they often do. But a recent Reddit poll shows that out of all the crossover episodes up for a vote, one stands out above the rest. 

The Epic Three Episode Crossover

More than half of the fans who voted chose “Infection” as their favorite crossover storyline. The Chicago Fire episode starts with Captain Mathew Casey (Jesse Spencer), Detective Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer), and Dr. Natalie Manning (Torrey DeVitto) tailgating at a Bears vs. Packers game outside Soldier Field. As we see more of the tailgating party, it’s clear members of Firehouse 51, the Gaffney Medical Center, and Chicago P.D. are all taking part in the festivities.

Suddenly a man stumbles through the crowd, mumbling “BRT” before he begins convulsing. After an oozing lesion is found on his leg, they take him to the Gaffney Medical Center. The event sets in motion a chain of events felt throughout the entire franchise. The teams of each show must investigate a potential bioterrorism outbreak and a major fire at Central Chicago University.

Crossovers such as “Infection” is the glue of the franchise. “The crossovers are great because it involves all three shows,” Chicago P.D. castmember Tracy Spiridakos said in a behind-the-scenes interview. “It brings the Chicago world to life, getting to see all the different characters interacting with each other on each other’s shows.”

Does One Chicago Crossover with Other Franchises?

We often see the different worlds of One Chicago interacting with one another. But what about some of the other Dick Wolf-launched TV franchises? Law & Order and FBI have their own universes fans love to see pull-off crossover events internally. But One Chicago has gone one further by crossing over into both Law & Order and FBI on occasion.

One early episode of FBI featured appearances from notable Chicago alums, but these appearances were fleeting and did not feel like a major event. Inter-franchise crossovers continue to be rare. Something Chicago Fire showrunner described as significant work to achieve behind-the-scenes.

Despite rarely getting to see significant crossovers with other franchises, they’ve all established working relationships with each other. As such, a major crossover event could happen at any time. Fans should stay diligent as at any moment they could find a familiar character popping up in a new setting.