‘One Chicago’ Star Carl Weathers Actually Directed an Episode of ‘Chicago Med’: See Which One

by Shelby Scott

Carl Weathers has become recognizable within the “One Chicago” universe for his role as State’s Attorney Mark Jeffries. However, Carl Weathers also boasts talent behind the cameras, and he previously once directed an episode of the franchise’s medical drama, “Chicago Med.” Read on to see which one.

As MSN reminds us, it’s not uncommon for our favorite “One Chicago” stars to cross over into the universe’s other stories. Countless times, we’ve seen “Chicago PD” characters appear in “Chicago Fire,” “Chicago Fire” stars in “Chicago Med,” etc. However, it’s even more exciting to know that some of those stars, apparently including Carl Weathers have a talent for telling stories behind the scenes.

Interestingly, the “Chicago Med” episode which Weathers directed happened to be a crossover event itself. As per the outlet, Weather’s last directing stint took place in “Chicago Med” season six. The episode, entitled “Some Things Are Worth the Risk,” sees the medical drama crossover with some fan-favorite “Chicago Fire” characters, including Joe Minoso’s Joe Cruz and Hanako Greensmith’s Violet Mikami. Check out the promo clip below.

Essentially, the episode highlights Dr. Ethan Choi and Dr. Dean Archer at an intense emergency call in the field and away from Gaffney Chicago Medical Center. Simultaneously, Oliver Platt’s character, Dr. Daniel Charles handles a complex case.

Carl Weathers apparently enjoyed his time directing, sharing it was a perfect role for him. And that because he’d featured in multiple “One Chicago” series, directing a crossover event came naturally.

“Not only had I been on [the shortlived] Justice, but I’d been on PD, I’d been on Fire…” which definitely benefitted him. Weathers possessed a knowledge of many of Dick Wolf’s Chicago-based series that some cast members lack.

Will Dr. Scott’s Guy Lockard Return for ‘Chicago Med’ Season 8?

Hopefully, “Chicago Med” fans can expect a Carl Weathers-directed episode again soon. However, with season seven of the NBC medical drama about to conclude, fans have on pressing question. Will Dr. Scott actor Guy Lockard make a return for “Chicago Med” season 8?

Guy Lockard only joined the cast of “Chicago Med” last fall, however, immediately, fans fell in love with the character. Lockard’s Dr. Scott spotlights in the series as the hospital’s dynamic and compassionate pediatric doctor and immediately made a positive impression on audiences.

Now, with just weeks until the “Chicago Med” finale, the actor has teased that his character will in fact return for season 8.

“Just ran into the legendary [Randy Flagler],” Lockard shared on Twitter, referring to the “Chicago Fire” actor that plays the troublemaking character, Harold Capp.

He continued, “I’m pissed. I forgot to take a pic with my dude and probably won’t see him again until next season.”

That said, I think it’s safe to say Dr. Scott will appear in “Chicago Med” next season, and hopefully, Randy Flagler will too.