‘One Chicago’ Stars Tease Spinoff on Beaches and Lake: ‘Chicago Lake Watch’

by Joe Rutland

Talk about mixing up some classic TV stuff with current TV work around the One Chicago franchise and it makes some people laugh. Well, let’s take a look at what some fans are asking. They want to see a possible crossover between all three Chicago NBC shows with Baywatch. “A spinoff of the rescues on the beaches and lakes” is how Hailey Upton actress Tracy Spiridakos of Chicago P.D. put it in this video. It comes from the show’s Twitter account. This opened up a can of worms, if you will, for other shows’ stars to talk. And they had some pretty keen ideas on what would happen.

After all, it does get frigid cold up in Chicago during the wintertime. A few of them mentioned this weather fact and how it would affect even putting on a show with a name like “Chicago Lake Watch.” No, there’s no show in the works with that name but it does blend both TV franchises together. “We’re probably going to have Severide shirtless like slo-mo running along the beach,” Hanako Greensmith of Chicago Fire said. “‘Cause I think that’s what we all want to see.”

Stars of ‘One Chicago’ Franchise Shows Offer Insights Into Possible New Show

“It’s colder by the lake,” Marina Squerciati of Chicago P.D. said. “Like, when you get the temperature in the morning, you get, ‘Also, by the lake, it’s negative 10.'” Squerciati plays Kim Burgess on that show. Christian Stolte of Chicago Fire said, “It’s very cold by the lake. They would be icy cold scenes to shoot. ‘Hey, it’s sunny, must be nice out’ It is not nice out.”

Kara Killmer of Chicago P.D. adds that “most of the emergencies that would happen on the beach in Chicago would be like, probably whenever it was freezing cold, like, ‘Oh no, I’m stuck beneath the ice.’ ‘Oh, let me get out there. Let me put on my foot warmers then.'” Killmer has an interesting storyline as Sylvie Brett, girlfriend of Matt Casey, played by Jesse Spencer. Eamonn Walker of Chicago Fire probably has the definitive answer about this whole thing. “No, it’s freezing hell,” he said. “No, not gonna do it.”

But hey, you can dream about it. Maybe they could work a deal and have the O.G. Baywatch star David Hasselhoff do a guest-starring spot as Mitch Buchannon. It would make people tune into the One Chicago franchise and see him appear in a rescue scene on the lake. Let’s not totally throw an idea like this out the door. Remember who is at the helm of these shows? Dick Wolf. If anyone can take an idea like this and make it work, then it’s Wolf.