The ‘CSI: Vegas’ Star You Forgot Shows Up on ‘Chicago Med’

by Caitlin Berard

When it comes to TV dramas and, more specifically, procedural dramas, it’s not at all uncommon to see an actor appear in more than one. With their uniquely high number of guest stars and demand for similar skill sets, it’s only natural that actors would take roles across multiple over the course of their careers.

A slightly more unusual occurrence, however, is when the actor isn’t a guest star but plays a prominent role in multiple long-running dramas. Dylan McDermott is the most recent actor to make such a leap. After landing a leading role in Law & Order, he jumped to a similarly prominent yet opposing role in FBI: Most Wanted. And even in that situation, he had a slight leg up, as both series are Dick Wolf productions.

CSI: Vegas and Chicago Med do not share this connection, nor are they all that similar. They both border on soapy and often depict TV adaptations of real-life stories, but their similarities don’t go much further than that. They both, however, are procedural dramas, making this actor’s leading role in both far less surprising.

Paula Newsome Had a Leading Role in Both ‘Chicago Med’ and ‘CSI: Vegas’

Actress Paula Newsome has had an impressive career from the very beginning. Her first role was in a sadly deleted scene in the holiday classic Home Alone. From there, she began amassing a collection of film credits across some of the most popular franchises in TV history.

From Law & Order to Friends to NCIS, Paula Newsome has done it all, including earning prominent roles in both CSI: Vegas and Chicago Med.

In Season 5 of the latter series, Paula debuted as Caroline Charles, the ex-wife of Daniel Charles, with whom she shared a daughter. The ensuing 12-episode character arc was a tragic tale of reconciliation and horrific loss, as she reunited with her husband just as she’s diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Two years later, Paula Newsome appeared in CSI: Vegas, this time for a far less heartbreaking role. In the CSI spinoff, CSI: Vegas, Newsome plays Maxine Roby, the head of the Las Vegas Crime Lab.

Her CSI character had a tough storyline in the series’ inaugural season. At one point, Maxine Roby’s even thrown out of the lab entirely. She was eventually redeemed, however, and is expected to appear early in Season 2.

What Paula Newsome Loves About Her ‘CSI: Vegas’ Role

In a 2021 interview with Brittany Frederick, Chicago Med alum Paula Newsome explained her passion for her newest role as CSI: Vegas‘ Maxine Roby. “Most of the people who are doing the awesome things in scientific labs, CSI, are women,” she said. “I have a dear friend of mine who’s [in] Robbery Homicide in Los Angeles. There are a lot of women doing that, and it’s nice being able to represent [them].”

“What I really liked is we get to find out who she is today,” she added. “As a woman, as a woman with a family, as a woman who has some romantic interests. That’s important to me. When you’re playing women who are fully rounded. You don’t only play with your Criminology book. And that’s what I like about the opportunity they gave me.”