‘Chicago P.D.’: All the Different Characters Paloma Nozicka Has Played

by Chris Piner

Due to their profession, actors wanting to make it in Hollywood needed to learn to juggle multiple personalities. Some of the most notable actors to perfect the craft include Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, and Christoph Waltz. Although none of them had the difficult task of playing three different characters on the same show. That accolade belongs to Paloma Nozicka, who labeled herself as a “multi-hyphenate baddie”. That description goes far beyond brilliant wording as she wrote, produced, and acted in the short film Huge. While winning numerous awards, the actor’s claim to fame is Chicago P.D. and the several characters she played. 

Proving her versatility, Paloma Nozicka graced the sets of the crime drama since it first aired in January of 2014. Debuting in episode 3 of season 1 of Chicago P.D., fans will notice the actor as the character Vera. One of the three friends of Kim Burgess, the group visits Burgess in Chicago and her precinct. Their time is cut short as Burgess drives to a local tavern for a call.

Paloma Nozicka Lands Second Role In Chicago P.D.

The second time Chicago P.D. welcomed Paloma Nozicka was in season 3, episode 15 called A Night Owl. This time, she played the character of Natalie Minos, who was written as the girlfriend of Johnny Zakarian. Zakarian was eventually killed off after it was revealed he was carrying drugs using a trap door in a car. The police found birth control in Zakarian’s home, leading them to question Minos about his death. 

And Nozicka’s most recent appearance on the hit show was in season 7, episode 4. She played Carrie Seldon, the former wife of Dr. David Seldon. The doctor caused a massive amount of trouble as he released a deadly infection. Locked in a bunker, Seldon is confronted by police. While believing the infection spread, she fired on the officers. After calming her, Paloma Nozicka’s admitted her husband’s work was ongoing.

The Future Is A Open Book For Nozicka As She Continues To Honor Chicago

While the future of Paloma Nozicka in the Chicago P.D. universe is uncertain, given her versatility, it will only be a matter of time before she makes her triumphant return. Fans are already speculating as to when that might be. Alongside her promising career in Hollywood, Nozicka has starred in over 10 theater plays in Chicago alone. She first walked on stage in 2011 in Sonnets for an Old Century. Growing up in Evanston, Illinois, she continues to give back to the state, gracing the stage in both Goodman Theatre and Victory Gardens. 

Discussing what might be next for the rising star, Nozicka admitted, “I don’t think there’s any role I know I’ll never play — theater and casting continue to surprise me.”