‘Chicago PD’ Alum Sophia Bush Celebrates 40th Birthday With Series of Stunning Snaps

by Samantha Whidden

Chicago PD” alum Sophia Bush took to her Instagram on Monday (July 11th) to share a series of snapshots following the celebration of her 40th birthday. 

“Turns out forty is FABULOUS,” Sophia Bush shared in the caption. The form “Chicago PD” star was in a gorgeous gold dress while celebrating her age milestone with friends. “My favorite humans threw me a gorgeous dinner, organization by my favorite [Grant Hughes].”

Bush then shared that Hughes woke her up on the morning of her 40th birthday with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers that almost made her pass out. “My parents were here. People came into town to surprise,” she continued. The actress revealed she was made into a 1960s queen for the big event. “And we toasted. Laughed. Gave thanks for joy. And savored in the respite of happiness.”

The “Chicago PD” alum went on to reflect on her birthday and the advice she received when she was younger. “People have said, ‘It just gets better and better.’ When I was a kid I didn’t get it. Did that mean when you turned 21 and could order yourself a glass of champagne or a beer? Did that mean hone you could go on vacation with friends? I don’t know what it meant that year after year, when we were lucky enough to live.”

Bush went on to add to thank her Instagram followers for the birthday wishes. “I feel so loved and I’m beaming it back at each and every one of you too! I wish you this much happiness in your best moments too.”

‘Chicago PD’ Alum Sophia Bush Reveals She’s Ready to Move From the ‘Unpleasantries’ of Her Past TV Experiences 

While speaking to Insider in March 2022, “Chicago PD” alum Sophia Bush spoke about how she was done rehashing the “unpleasantries” of her past TV experiences. Instead, she’d rather focus on the many positives in her life. 

“I do feel that it’s incredibly important to have these conversations,” Bush explained about the experiences. “I also feel like it’s really important to respect myself, my mental health, and my own boundaries.”

Bush has notably experienced some rough TV set situations. In a letter published by Variety in 2017, Bush stated she supported writer Audrey Wauchope, who detailed the ways “One Tree Hill” female cast and crew members were “psychologically and emotionally” abused by the show’s creator, Mark Schwahn. 

Along with the “One Tree Hill” situation, Bush also said she experienced abusive behavior on the set of “Chicago PD.” 

“I’ve given a lot of advice to women and anyone who’s in a situation like that,” Bush revealed. She then added. “I would so much rather be celebrating that than be continually asked to relive unpleasantries from the past.”