‘Chicago PD’ ‘Besties’ Share Fun Photo With Fans

by Sean Griffin

Chicago PD cast-mates got together on Tuesday. One Chicago‘s Twitter page posted the acting family gathered together.

Marina Squerciati, who plays Officer Burgess on the show, was the one who snapped the selfie.

“#ChicagoPD besties <3,” the account tweeted.

Fans were quick to respond with comments showing their delight at the picture.

“They are the cutest, most beautiful, amazing team,” one user wrote.

Then, other users commented similar messages. “Love this selfie!” one said. Another wrote, “I love #ChicagoPD family!!”

One user commented about Marina Squerciati’s photography skills. “Marina is the best photographer in the world for sureee,” they said.

Fans of Chicago PD will remember season 9 for its finale. While the majority of the season saw no deaths, the last episode came with two shocking ones.

Anna Avalos murdered crime lord Javier Escano first. Anna was a trusted informant for the CPD and kills him when her cover was blown. However, she doesn’t remain alive much longer. Later in the episode, she is also killed. While killing Javier was justified, Anna was still wanted for murder. She became involved in a shootout with Voight and his team as she tried to leave town. The shootout ended with her dying. We’ll see how much PTSD this brings Voight in Season 10. We saw Voight develop an attachment to Anna throughout Season 9.

However, character deaths aren’t uncommon in the Dick Wolf-created series.

Chicago Fire show-runner Andrea Newman claims that Dick Wolf loves using character deaths to add drama. “That’s kind of a Dick Wolf special,” Newman explained to Us Weekly. “He likes to keep everybody guessing on all his shows and we have a big cast. We have an enormous cast. Who knows what could happen?”

Joe Minoso, who plays Joe Cruz on Chicago Fire, also said that actors experience high anxiety with any Dick Wolf show. “I think for Chicago Fire and Chicago PD, the cast worries [about their characters dying],” Minoso told Us Weekly“Any given episode can be your last.”

‘Chicago PD’ Fans Make Season 10 Predictions on Reddit

Fans of the show recently logged on Reddit to share predictions for Season 10.

One Chicago PD fan opened the discussion, asking other fans, “will or should [Voight] blame Hailey and Jay [for Anna’s death]?”

In answering their own question, the fan suspected Voight will blame both of his detectives. They claim he will “because you could see the pain in his face as Anna died.”

Another user on the site thinks the Chicago PD writers are headed for extreme outcomes.

They said Voight will either go into “super rage mode and nearly kill Hailey” or the show’s writers will merely exit to new storylines. Another fan hopped in and predicted things may go awry for Upton. They wrote, “You can tell things are gonna be complicated for both voight and hailey next season…he’s not gonna be too happy with her either.”

A final fan thinks otherwise. Instead of blaming Hailey and Jay, they claim Voight will “internalize” Anna’s death. For instance, they said, “Voight is not going to blame Hailey. That is just not the kind of man he is.”