‘Chicago PD’ Cast Reveals Their All-Time Favorite Scenes To Film

by Caitlin Berard

Since 2014, Chicago PD characters have been through an incredible amount. From the death of their children and close friends to addiction to kidnappings to heartbreak and betrayal, of the 186 Chicago PD episodes, it’s safe to say the vast majority include some major drama.

Out of all the memorable episodes and scenes, it’s tough to choose a favorite. The actors behind Sergeant Voight and his team have “experienced” each one, however, and can easily choose the most impactful for them, personally.

For Jesse Lee Soffer, who plays fan-favorite character Detective Jay Halstead, Season 1 was the best of them all, as the series started with a bang and promised some fantastic action in the future. “I just remember feeling so much adrenaline and so much excitement,” Soffer explained to NBC Insider. “Because I knew this show was going to be badass.”

Amy Norton, the actress behind beloved Sergeant, Trudy Platt, disagrees. To her, Season 4 contains the best scene. In Episode 5, “A War Zone,” domineering but lovable Trudy showed a different side of her personality following the murder of her father.

“It was with Voight after my father got murdered,” Norton recalled. “I’m about to wreak havoc in retribution for his murder”. Before she can make a potentially life-altering decision, however, Hank Voight intervenes.

‘Chicago PD’ Fans Share Their Hopes for Season 10

Season 10 is set to premiere in September and fans are already anxiously awaiting the continuation of the story of Chicago PD‘s Intelligence Unit. With a few months left to wait, they’re passing the time by sharing their hopes for the coming episodes.

In a recent Reddit thread, they discussed everything from new storylines to character development, with a few ideas being the clear favorites. Unsurprisingly, one of the most popular wishes was for more Trudy Platt. Fans want more depth and screen time for Trudy, as she’s had more of a bit player role in recent seasons.

Another popular request was more patrol scenes. “Getting patrol back would be a great move,” one fan wrote. “Patrol was one thing that made PD stand out against other cop shows. [It also] brought a lot of the humor that has been missing from the last few seasons.”

Last but not least, fans wished for new characters and promotions for certain existing ones. And, of course, the “new characters” would include plenty of crossovers if Chicago PD fans got their way.

Dick Wolf has already expressed a keen interest in crossovers between and within his three universes. Now that pandemic restrictions are lifting, fans could very well get their wish in the coming episodes.