‘Chicago PD’ Casting Call Reveals Massive Season 10 Spoiler

by Shelby Scott

After a months-long hiatus, Chicago PD is set to return to NBC with a brand new season on Wednesday, September 21st. And while showrunners haven’t spilled much about season 10’s opening plotlines, a recent casting call has finally revealed a major season spoiler. And it appears to cast a light on the on-again-off-again couple, Adam Ruzek and Kim Burgess.

A recent Twitter post, which you can view below, sees Ruzek actor Patrick John Fleuger dressed in business casual attire—navy-colored slacks, a shiny black belt, and a pale blue button-up dress shirt. Beside him appear to be a couple of Chicago PD extras, considering the following casting call:

Essentially, the casting call asks for interested individuals to cover various courthouse roles that, likely, don’t require any script. Examples include attorneys, bailiffs, family members, and more. Potential extras must be 20 years or older.

According to ScreenRant, the casting call, combined with the Ruzek actor’s professional attire, suggests he and Burgess could be headed to court regarding the former’s guardianship status of the female investigator’s adopted daughter, Makayla. Season nine of Chicago PD proved just how devoted Ruzek is not only to Burgess but even more so to Makayla. The final moments of Chicago PD‘s ninth season saw Ruzek purchase a house, his childhood home in fact, specifically for Burgess and Makayla.

Given that new information, the outlet suggests season 10 of Chicago PD could potentially see Ruzek gain legal rights to Makayla’s custody as well as further development in his romantic relationship with Kim Burgess.

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‘Chicago PD’ Welcoming Back Season 9 Character

Amid all the drama surrounding Kim Burgess and Adam Ruzek, season nine of Chicago PD also introduced viewers to a brand new character: actor Benjamin Levy Aguilar’s Dante Torres.

Torres is a new recruit and recently partnered with Chicago PD stalwart Jay Halstead in an end-of-season investigation during the episode “New Guard.” The episode saw Torres and Halstead come to blows until the latter learns the truth of his young partner’s brutal past.

Now, with season 10 just weeks away, new photos from the set of Chicago PD reveal that after a brief hiatus, Levy Aguilar’s character will again feature in the NBC drama. Check out the photos here.

A behind-the-scenes video also sees the Torres actor alongside Halstead actor Jesse Lee Soffer as he and crew members joke around in between shoots. Throwing a box of bounce dryer sheets at the new Chicago PD star’s chest, a crew member quips, “Hey Torres, I wanna know if I could, uh, bounce somethin’ off ya,” drawing a laugh from the recently-recruited actor.