‘Chicago PD’: Could Season 10 Begin With a Crossover?

by Megan Molseed

Not too long ago, Chicago PD star Marina Squerciati shared a series of Instagram posts detailing her return-to-set adventures as the One Chicago crews reunited. And, these posts are making fans wonder…will the One Chicago premieres begin with a major cross-over event?

Chicago PD’s Marina Squerciati Is All Over The Place As The One Chicago Shows Begin Filming The Fall Premieres

It was a hilarious take for fans of the popular Dick Wolf franchise recently as Marina Squerciati took to Instagram to share a photo of herself posing with Nick Gehlfus and S. Epatha Merkerson who portrays Will Halstead and Sharon Goodwin, respectively, on Chicago Med.

In this post, the One Chicago star declares that she is on the set of the “wrong show” because, you know, she is part of the PD task force, not the Med cast! Squerciati then posts a pic of herself with a few of her Chicago PD declaring that she has now “found” her crew.

So, with this hilarious set “mix up” fans are wondering…is this a signal that the crews are coming together to film a season premiere crossover event? Or, was Squerciati just on her Insta, playing around with the entire One Chicago cast?

Can Fans Expect A Chicago Med and Chicago PD Crossover Event This Fall?

In a recent Reddit post, one fan notes that since Marina posted her pic from the “wrong set,” this may mean she’s going to be working with the Med team…and possibly the Chicago Fire players, as well, as the new season get underway.

“So because Marina posted a photo of her [being] on “wrong set” with Nick (Will from med),” the Redditor points out.

“Do we think that the [season’s] gonna open with PD investigating the people who started the fire, while CFD investigate on the fire itself,” the commenter inquires, adding that maybe Chicago Med will be dealing with the fire’s aftermath.

“Med actually airs first on Wednesday nights,” one Redditor responds, noting that this is followed by Fire and then PD.

“So it’s probably the exact reverse of what you described,” the fan notes.

“Where Med begins by showing the aftermath of the fire,” the Redditor continues. This commenter notes that if the show does this, it may start with “some of the firefighters from 51 showing up to help put it (the fire) out.”

Then, the Redditor says, they would the Fire team would investigate the flames. Following the investigation by the PD players.

However, one fan notes that the fall schedules note the One Chicago schedule is set to be in the same order as it always has when the premieres hit our TV screens in a few weeks.

“Maybe,” this commenter says.

“But for now it looks like they’re airing in the same order that they have been for the last couple seasons,” the fan adds.