‘Chicago PD’: Could Sophia Bush Return for Season 10?

by Shelby Scott

Chicago PD” bid goodbye to series original cast member Sophia Bush (Detective Erin Lindsey) following season four in 2017. Last year though, the “One Tree Hill” alum made her return to the small screen in the medical drama, “Good Sam.” Sadly, the CBS medical drama survived just one season. Now, following the show’s cancelation, we’re wondering, will Bush make a return to “Chicago PD?”

Unfortunately for fans of the character, Lindsey’s return to the IU is highly unlikely. According to One Chicago Center, Bush reportedly suffered “a consistent onslaught barrage of abusive behavior” while on the show. Since then, she’s made it very clear she has no interest in returning to “Chicago PD.”

Despite that abuse though, Bush played Erin Lindsey for four long seasons. She previously stated the reason she stuck around was so she didn’t jeopardize the careers of various coworkers.

Ahead of her medical drama’s cancelation, Bush said, “I would so much rather be celebrating [‘Good Sam’] than be continually asked to relive unpleasantries from the past. I also feel like it’s really important to respect myself, my mental health, and my own boundaries.”

Given her experience on “Chicago PD,” I think it’s safe to say the former star won’t be coming back to the NBC show any time soon.

‘Chicago PD’ Fans’ First Look at Sophia Bush in New Movie Role

Sophia Bush has held multiple notable roles since departing “Chicago PD” in 2017 and now, it seems the experienced actress has scored one more. Following the cancelation of CBS’s “Good Sam,” fans are getting a look at the “Chicago PD” alum in her newest movie role. Check it out below.

Previous posts show that “Good Sam” was an extremely special role for the “Chicago PD” alum. However, despite the bad news following its cancelation, Sophia Bush seems to be enjoying herself just as much on the set of the upcoming film, “Junction.”

Even more exciting, the new film has enabled the “Chicago PD” star to reunite with a former “One Tree Hill” costar, Bryan Greenberg.

In her post, she writes, “Turns out making great movies with best friends is a dope adventure.”

So far, we have little information regarding the details of Bush’s new role, though IMDb states her character is named Allison. As to the movie plot overall, the outlet revealed “Junction” will explore the American opioid crisis, looking back on the roots of the growing problem. Even more interesting, the movie will explore the pandemic from three different perspectives: a doctor, a patient, and a pharmaceutical company CEO.