‘Chicago PD’: Dante Torres Actor Benjamin Levy Aguilar Promoted To Series Regular

by Sean Griffin

Chicago PD fans will be seeing a lot more of Dante Torres on the upcoming season. Benjamin Levy Aguilar, the actor who plays Torres on the series, has just been promoted to series regular, according to Deadline.

Torres’ character, who debuted in Season 9, is described as a recruit with a complicated past and even questionable past. He was recruited under Detective Halstead’s wing. Torres comes to the Intelligence team as a rookie.

Aguilar debuted as the character in the episode “New Guard” on Season 9. However, he made his debut on the series two seasons prior playing the role of Franco Chavaro.

Aguilar came to the United States from Guatemala. He broke out on FOX’s Filthy Rich. He played Antonio Rivera on that show. Aguilar also performed recently in Netflix’s The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl With the Window, starring opposite Kristen Bell as the character Rex Bakke.

In addition to Aguilar’s increased role, fans want a wider range of characters next season.

‘Chicago PD’ Fans Want New Cast Members Next Season

Chicago PD fans are anxiously awaiting Season 10. Fans have taken to Reddit to voice their hopes for new cast members joining the show in the new season.

One user prompted the thread, asking “Any new cast members?” They continued, writing, “Do you all think we will get some new cast members? I feel like we will, maybe a portal officer or detective. I think Fire/Med has had new people but PD has not. Personally, I would for that officer from Fire and Torres as detective.”

Users were quick to respond to the thread. One comment with five upvotes said, “Bring up the rookie from Fire, but I’m in the minority when I say I didn’t really care about Torres.”

Another user wrote, “We still haven’t had any explanation of what happened to Rojas. I don’t care if she ever comes back, but at least name check her and give us some closure. She just vanished into thin air like Chuck Cunningham or Roy.” That comment received four upvotes.

“Hopefully,” wrote another user in very plain language. That comment also received four upvotes.

Another fan added the changes they’d like to see to Chicago PD’s next season. “It would be great if they brought back Rojas. Lisseth’s show was canceled, so it would be a great opportunity since she may be freed up. I felt she was the best fit. She just meshed with everyone. Loved the friendship with Hailey, the partnership with Kev.”

A final fan wrote, “Nothing as of yet. Filming starts tomorrow so we might get something but I wouldn’t keep my hopes up. Personally, I think both of them should be on the show, possible patrol partners, but I do want someone new.”