‘Chicago PD’: Did Hailey Upton Die on Last Night’s Episode?

by Taylor Cunningham

The May 18th episode of Chicago PD proved that next week’s season finale is gearing up to be intense, and unfortunately, we may need to prepare ourselves for a major exit after an explosion left Hailey Upton’s life on the line.

During last night’s installment titled House of Cards, Voight and the team were hot on the trail of Escano and the Los Temidos gang. But the deteriorating relationship between Voight and his criminal informant Anna threw a wrench in their attempt to bring down the drug lords once and for all.

Thanks to endless lies, both Anna and the case are falling apart. And by the end of the show, the loss of control spins into chaos. But among the setbacks, one thing could have sealed the fate of Halstead’s new bride.

Just when everything went haywire, Halstead and Upton had to take off to chase a member of the gang who fled in a truck. And as they did, the truck exploded while Upton was close. The flames and shrapnel engulfed the officer and threw her to the ground. And as the episode ended, it looked like she was dead.

But would Chicago PD really kill off such an important character who just only found her happy ending with Halstead? Yes, it would.

Hailey Upton’s Time on ‘Chicago PD’ May be Coming to an End

If the One Chicago franchise is known for anything, it’s that no character is safe. And as everyone knows, the writers are also notorious for earth-shattering season closure. But at this point, the show isn’t giving up any clues about Hailey Upton’s fate.

However, it’s unlikely that the officer just brushed herself off afterward. So one thing is clear, the season finale, and possibly season 10, will surround Hailey in one way or another. Either Halstead will be mourning his wife or Hailey will be fighting for her life. At the very least, the officer will probably be off the job for some time.

The promo for next week’s show also gives zero hints about Upton’s deadly accident. But it does tease that she’ll be a major player in the story by opening with a shot of her on the ground post-explosion.

And the effort that Wolf Entertainment put into the scene proves how serious the blast was as well. According to a Twitter post, the crew filmed it in two parts, and it “was shot out of sequence” by the actress’s stunt double.

“There was a ratchet used to capture her landing that was actually shot first & the initial impact from the explosion that sends her upward was shot after!” the post reads.

Be sure to catch next Wednesday’s Chicago PD episode on NBC at 10/9c to find out if Hailey Upton will survive the explosion.