‘Chicago PD’ Fan-Favorites Reunite in Instagram Pic, Fans Go Wild

by Megan Molseed

Chicago PD’s Marina Squerciati shares a reunion pic on Instagram featuring herself having a blast on “planet cool” with one of her former One Chicago co-stars Torrey DeVitto. And One Chicago lovers are loving every minute of it.

As fans of the popular NBC TV One Chicago franchise know well that DeVitto portrayed Dr. Nataline Manning on Chicago Med. However, the character was regularly featured on other shows within the franchise such as Squerciati’s PD and the ever-popular Chicago Fire.

In the Insta post, Squerciati and pals are decked out in chic evening looks. The photo features the Chicago PD star standing between DeVitto and another friend. From the looks of things – the tags in the post, specifically – the trio enjoyed supper at Chicago’s Obélix restaurant.

“It’s always sunny on planet cool,” Squerciati says in her Insta post. The star is likely referring to the shades she and DeVitto are sporting in the reunion pic.

“EH-OH!” the Chicago PD star adds, highlighting the message with a “cool” sunglasses emoji smiley face. Squerciati adds a variety of tags – and hashtags – to her Insta message including @obelixchicago, #myfriends, and @torreydevitto.

And, fans were drawn to this post with one commenting with a sweet comment “THE PRETTIEST GIRLS” with two heart-eyed smiley emojis. Another fan exclaims “AHHH MY FAVORITE PEOPLE!” adding four red hearts to the comment.

Marina Squerciati And Fellow Chicago PD Stars Have A Blast On The One Chicago Sets

Torrey DeVitto left the popular Dick Wolf-led franchise only recently in 2021. However, Squerciati is still a regular in the entire franchise starring in Chicago PD while also popping up in several Chicago PD cross-over events. The One Chicago crews may be facing some majorly serious events on screen. However, Squerciati notes in a recent interview that she and her costars are regularly looking for ways to have fun on set.

“I do dance a lot,” Marina Squerciati says of her time on the One Chicago sets.

“Sometimes we’re so in our characters, that we’re like [singing] ‘The hills…!’ ” the Chicago PD star relates.

“And then we’re like, [in a serious tone] ‘So what did you find?'” she quips.

“I feel like the guest stars are listening to music, trying to get in it,” Squerciati jokes.

“We do respect our guest stars and tone it back,” she adds. “But we have a really good time.”

The tenth season of the popular Chicago P.D. returns to NBC on September 21. In the meantime, fans of the franchise who want to catch up on some of the biggest storylines featured on any one of the hit One Chicago shows can catch up on the popular NBC streaming option, Peacock.