‘Chicago PD’: Fans Agree This Character Would Be Tough in an Interrogation Room

by Alex Falls

Chicago PD is full of tough cops notorious for their ability to interrogate criminals and crack heads to investigate dangerous cases. Starting with season none, the show took on a more gory approach to depict just dangerous life on the streets can be for police officers.

Multiple characters from Chicago PD have died tragically and violently on-screen. As a result, the surviving characters have sought vengeance in shocking ways. Things can sometimes get out of hand in The Cage.

Fans know they don’t want to tangle with even their most favorite characters. The line of questioning you could face in The Cage could be terrifying, but fans still speculate who they would rather avoid during an interrogation. While just about every officer in Chicago PD can lay down the law, the consensus of who they’d rather steer clear from is an obvious one.

At the top of the list, Sergeant Hank Voight, played by Jason Beghe, instills the most fear. The sergeant is devoted to the law and carrying out justice. However, he also doesn’t mind going above the law if he thinks he can get a criminal in jail. He’ll lie, intimidate, and manipulate anyone who crosses his path to justice. Sometimes he even pushes his fellow officers to go beyond the limits. Especially if it involves a chance at revenge.

Voight might be scary, but some fans would actually prefer to have Voight interrogate them. He may be excessive on criminals, but fans point out his caring attitude towards women and his desire to uncover the truth. If they’re innocent, Voight is the one they’d want to talk to.

What’s Voight Like Behind the Scenes of Chicago PD?

Beghe told The Wrap that playing Voight has majorly affected the way he looks at life. Despite Voight’s tendency towards ultraviolence, Beghe said he tries to bring some of his own personality to the character. “I think of Hank Voight as a person in my life,” Beghe said. “[W]hen I create a character like this, it’s just like any close relationship, there’s a give and a take. He influences me and I influence him. So they’re kind of knit together in a way.”

Voight also said the sergeant is now part of his personality. Although he doesn’t carry the character’s bad moods around with him, he does see his worldview being affected by the events of Voight’s job.

Tensions can run high while filming the intense interrogation scenes in Chicago PD. Voight has shared many scenes with Marina Squerciati’s Kim Burgess. Recently, the two stars shared how they lighten the mood in between takes. They dance. One can only imagine what it looks like for big bad Sargeant Voight to break out into a dance in The Cage.