‘Chicago PD’ Fans Can’t Get Enough of Marina Squerciati’s Reunion Pic With Torrey Devitto

by Craig Garrett

Fans of Chicago PD were thrilled to see former co-stars Marina Squerciati and Torrey Devitto out on the town in a candid snapshot. Squerciati posted a delightful reunion photo on her official Instagram with her past One Chicago co-star DeVitto. Of course, viewers can’t get enough of it. DeVitto played Dr. Nataline Manning, a character who made more than a few appearances across the related One Chicago shows.

It appears that dinner at Obélix in Chicago was part of their lovely reunion. Marina Squerciati tagged the restaurant in the post. In chic eveningwear, Squerciati stands between DeVitto and another friend. The trio was all smiles.

“It’s always sunny on planet cool. EH-OH!,” Marina Squerciati captioned the image. Chicago PD fans were quick to express their approval in the comments. “THE PRETTIEST GIRLS,” one fan exclaimed. Another fan could barely contain their excitement over the picture. “AHHH MY FAVORITE PEOPLE!”, they wrote.

Close followers of the actor pals know that this isn’t the first time they’ve documented their off-screen friendship on Instagram. In October 2021, Marina Squerciati posted a photo of her and DeVitto eating ice cream at La Michoacana Premium in Chicago. “Ice cream queens!,” the actor captioned the image.

Chicago PD is a serious show, but Marina Squerciati ensures it’s a fun set

Marina Squerciati is beloved on the Chicago PD set for keeping up morale. She frequently lightens the moods with a particular set of skills. You should see this girl dance and sing,” co-star Jason Beghe recently told Looper. “I think she should do a musical, frankly.”

Squerciati did not deny the allegations. “I do dance a lot … Sometimes we’re so in our characters, that we’re like [singing] ‘The hills…!’ And then we’re like, [in a serious tone] ‘So what did you find?’ I feel like the guest stars are listening to music, trying to get in it, and … We do respect our guest stars and tone it back, but we have a really good time.”

Fans of the tense crime thriller will appreciate how full it is with juicy moments, but one of Marina Squerciati’s personal favorites may come as a surprise. Her choice of favorite moment is with characters Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) and Hailey Upton (Tracy Spiridakos). 

“When you guys [Upstead] were eating, like, Chinese food on the steps of your million-dollar apartment! Kim Burgess lives in a hovel, and you guys are, like, clearly funneling money,” Marina Squerciati told NBC Insider. “Anyways, you guys have this lovely scene of, like, you’re suffering and hiding it, and Halstead is kind of just, like, doesn’t know and is on the up and up. It was just lovely—it felt like a real couple scene. Two people eating…I thought it was nice.”