‘Chicago PD’ Fans Can’t Get Enough of This Beloved Character

by Shelby Scott

Chicago PD‘s gravely-voiced sergeant Hank Voight is one of the most complex, if not the most complex, characters within the NBC drama. However, as one of the show’s remaining original characters, he’s also one of our favorite. As we await the premiere of the cop show’s 10th season, fans are sharing their love for Jason Beghe’s character.

Taking to Reddit, one fan began a conversation about Chicago PD fans’ most favorite characters. In igniting the discussion, the original author wrote, “I started Chicago Med, then fire, and now I’m on Chicago PD. Hank Voight was introduced in season 1 of Fire, [and] I hated him. But now watching this show he’s awesome. Who’s your favorite character?”

Responses varied, naming Chicago PD heartthrob Jay Halstead as well as seasoned investigator Adam Ruzek. Others pinpointed actor LaRoyce Hawkin’s character Kevin Atwater. Others, though, named Hank Voight—in all of his complicated personality traits.

“Hank Voight,” another Chicago PD fan responded. “Most[l]y because when you can see past the tough, gruff exterior he is just full of love [and] he has devoted himself to the job and despite all his loss he still just wants to do the best for the city.”

We couldn’t agree more. While the sergeant has been known to bend, and even break, the rules, he always has the unit’s best interests at heart.

Another Hank Voight fan agreed, commenting, “He’s excellent. I love that he cuts corners where he sees necessary…He can see where the law fails people and he takes it into his own hands, most people won’t agree but that’s my fave part about him.”

Chicago PD fans can catch up with Hank Voight, Jay Halstead, and the rest of the team when the show airs its all-new season on Wednesday, September 21st.

New ‘Chicago PD’ Set Photo Reveals One New Character Will Return in Season 10

We still have a little more than a month to go until Chicago PD airs its next brand new season. However, the Dick Wolf drama’s cast and crew are stellar about sharing behind-the-scenes clips and photos, and a collection of images posted online last week reveals a character that we met toward the end of the show’s ninth season will again return following the upcoming premiere. Check out the pics below.

Before season nine of Chicago PD concluded, fans were introduced to a new recruit named Dante Torres. Torres, played by actor Benjamin Levy Aguilar, made his Chicago PD debut during the episode entitled, “New Guard.” In it, Halstead was paired up with the newbie and struggled to make a connection with him until the veteran detective learned the truth about the junior investigator’s past.

Now, per the photos above, it looks as though Jay and Dante have moved past their differences and will be hitting the streets of Chicago together when season 10 premieres next month.