‘Chicago PD’ Fans Demand These Characters Come Back in Season 10

by Megan Molseed

During Chicago PD’s nine seasons on the air, fans have gotten to know some very memorable characters. Some of these characters have proved to be mainstays in the Dick Wolf-led TV drama series. However, we have also had to say goodbye to some favorites over the years.

Now, some fans of the One Chicago franchise series are taking to Reddit, discussing some of the characters that have found their way into PD history; and which of these former PD players they are most hoping to see return to the popular series.

“Let’s say Chicago PD can bring back someone or multiple people,” one Chicago PD fan inquires in a recent post.

“Who are you bringing back?” the fan continues.

“Personally, I would love to see Mouse, Antonio, and also Roman!” the Redditor suggests.

Some Chicago PD fans would love it if the on-screen deaths of some fan-favorite characters were faked; and that the character is still alive somewhere, living the good life. At least, this is what one Chicago PD fan says when they name the character they would most like to see come back to the popular NBC series.

“I want to see that Alvin’s death was faked,” one Redditor says in the thread. As fans know, Elias Koteas portrayed the character of Alvin Olinsky the man who took the fall for a murder committed by Jason Beghe’s Hank Voight. However, the character was murdered in jail as he awaited trial. The fan also adds to the Reddit post that it would be a great storyline if Alvin was just “living it up in the Caribbean” since leaving the series.

Another Chicago PD fan lists three characters they would like to see a return to the popular NBC drama series. This fan also notes that the series was never the same after one of the characters signed off.

“Erin, Nadia, Mouse,” one Redditor says.

“miss them,” the fan adds, noting that there was an “empty” feeling to the series when Erin was written off.

“It got so empty without Erin,” the fan says of the popular character, who was portrayed by actress Sophia Bush.

Bush’s no-nonsense Chicago PD character, Erin Linsday left the One Chicago series at the end of the show’s fourth season with plans to start a new life. This exit, of course, came as a result of her questionable actions while in the field.

Other characters mentioned in the thread include Samuel Hunt’s Mouse who stayed on for the show’s first four seasons. And, Stella Maeve’s Nadia. Nadia’s story is a heartbreaking one as she eventually faces a devastating fate when she is murdered by a serial killer that is later taken down by the players of another Dick Wolf franchise series, Law & Order: SVU.