‘Chicago PD’ Fans Are Dying to See This Atwater-Centric Storyline

by Shelby Scott

One of the biggest complaints One Chicago fans have about Chicago PD is that very little screentime is dedicated to series star LaRoyce Hawkins’ character Kevin Atwater. Hawkins made his first appearance as Kevin Atwater initially as a patrol officer beside Kim Burgess in season one. Since then, we’ve learned a lot about the character. However, especially this season, fans feel too much focus has been directed at the series’ partnerships, i.e. “Burzek” and “Upton.” Taking to social media, users revealed the one Atwater storyline they would love to see.

Most dynamically, Looper reports Chicago PD fans want an episode dedicated to Kevin Atwater’s backstory. As per the outlet, writers have dedicated a number of episodes to exploring the pasts of other characters. Two include Kim Burgess and the Investigative Unit’s sergeant, Hank Voight. However, despite maintaining his role as one of the NBC series’ original characters, we actually know very little about Atwater’s roots.

Taking to Reddit, one user wrote, “Can we please get a Kevin Atwater backstory on how he came to be a parent to Jordan and Vanessa? What happened to their parents?”

Another said, “We need a Kevin episode, something related to his family, like his dad or mums past.”

Chicago PD fans aren’t the only ones, however, advocating for a Kevin Atwater backstory episode. Ahead of the season nine finale, Hawkins himself admitted that his character’s background is pretty ambiguous.

While speaking with Looper, Hawkins said, “There are so many different scenarios that we can fall into. It could be a love interest that takes him from show to show…It could be a family member. Or, we haven’t met Atwater’s father yet, so perhaps it has something to do with whoever that brother is.”

‘Chicago PD’ Fans Have Another Atwater-Centric Request

Aside from the request regarding Atwater’s familial history, fans have another request regarding the fan-favorite character. Above all else, many viewers would like to see Hawkins’ Atwater find a love interest that accepts him as well as his occupation.

“I would love for Kevin to even have a girlfriend for real who knows he’s a cop and is ok with it,” one Redditor added. “I feel like he just gets involved with girls who don’t like the police.”

Another strongly agreed, writing, “Thank you, you took the words right out of my mouth.”

Before Kevin broke up with his latest romantic interest, Celeste, fans, not to mention the actor himself, felt the couple could have potentially had a pretty solid relationship. In speaking about his character’s ex previously, Hawkins said, “I can’t say whether we’ll see [Celeste] again. I would love to see her again, but I’m not sure.”

He continued, “Atwater definitely needs love, but he’s also not wanting to force anything. You can’t force a vibe.”

(Photo credit should read JIM YOUNG/AFP via Getty Images)