‘Chicago PD’ Fans Give Their Predictions for the Series’ Milestone 200th Episode

by Shelby Scott

Season nine of Chicago PD ended on a sour note for District 21’s Investigative Unit. Aside from their successful drug seizure, executed by officers Kevin Atwater, Kim Burgess, and Adam Ruzek during the finale, Chicago PD concluded its latest season with a major character death. Unfortunately for fans, we didn’t get too many details regarding what we might expect when the show returns afterward. As such, the crime drama’s audience members are sharing their predictions on social media as to what special events might take place when Chicago PD airs its milestone 200th episode. See what they had to say below.

Taking to Reddit, one Chicago PD fan pointed out, “As of right now, there have been 186 episodes of Chicago PD, which means the 14th episode of this upcoming season will be the 200th episode.”

They then asked fellow fans to share their predictions, encouraging them to be “realistic and reasonable.”

200th Episode Predictions Varied Drastically:

Plenty of fans are pulling for Burgess and Ruzek to finally sort out their mess of a relationship. Some are hoping they finally get together while others hope Ruzek drops his partner romantically. Specifically, one Redditor commented, “I’m also about 90% sure it’s gonna be the moment where either Kim and Adam are together or Adam (because it has to be him let’s be real) decides they’re gonna be platonic.”

Others predicted the 200th episode will revolve around Hank Voight—which, overall, isn’t entirely nonsensical. After all, the season nine finale put a major focus on the sergeant.

“I think it’s gonna be if Voight goes fully to the dark side or not,” the same user wrote. “The finale set up that, and 200 feels like a good place for it.”

Another agreed, writing, “Probably will center around Voight.”

Chicago PD fans had smaller, though more pleasant predictions, with one hoping for a feature on one of One Chicago‘s fan-favorite couples: Desk Sergeant Trudy Platt and Chicago Fire‘s Randall “Mouch” McHolland.

“Would love to see it line up around a Trudy/mouch anniversary party,” the Redditor wrote, “but that’s too wholesome for the writers lol.”

‘Chicago PD’ Fans Think This is Voight’s Darkest Scene

If you’ve followed Chicago PD from the beginning, then you know that Hank Voight has a really dark past. When the character was first introduced in Chicago Fire, he was one of the dirtiest cops in the Windy City. At one point, he even threatened Firehouse 51’s former captain Matt Casey when the fireman endeavored to tell the truth about the sergeant’s son and his DUI.

Since then, he’s definitely grown as a character. For years, he’s fought against his demons while working with the IU to take down some of Chicago’s biggest criminals. However, people don’t change overnight and one of Voight’s earlier scenes proves that.

During the Chicago PD season three finale “Start Digging,” Voight’s son Justin potentially becomes involved in a murder. Police don’t have time to question him though as, soon enough, he dies from a bullet wound to the head.

Voight sets out to enact his own kind of justice, tracking down the murderer and forcing him to dig his own grave. Despite former officer Erin Lindsay’s efforts to deter him, Voight shoots Justin’s killer and fills in his grave.