‘Chicago PD’ Fans Praise Series for Its ‘Genius’ Writing of This Character

by Caitlin Berard

The police procedural is an incredibly popular TV show genre. So much so that dozens have been created over the years, with around a dozen airing at once this very day. From Blue Bloods to Law & Order to Chicago PD, at least one procedural drama is playing at virtually any given time on any given day.

Despite the saturated genre, however, each series has its own set of characters, storylines, and vicious criminals. That said, there are a few undeniably common tropes. Alcoholism, gambling addictions, “mild” gunshot wounds, divorce, a slimy defense attorney, a naive newbie who has to learn the dangers of the job the hard way – the list goes on.

But the most common police procedural element of all? The morally ambiguous anti-hero who’s essentially good but isn’t afraid to use violence or bend the rules to get justice. In Chicago PD, that character is Hank Voight, Police Sergeant and Commanding Officer of the Intelligence Unit.

Like most anti-heroes, Hank Voight is a fan favorite character. Being a bit of an outlaw, however, doesn’t come without its fair share of criticisms. And while many fans can’t get enough of the stoic leader of the CPD, some find his aggressive approach to apprehending criminals unsettling.

‘Chicago PD’ Fans Debate Hank Voight’s Likability

In a recent Reddit thread, Chicago PD fans discussed Hank Voight and whether the polarizing aspects of the character were a positive or negative addition to the series. The original poster claimed they downright “hate” Voight, despite fellow fans adoring his “loose-cannon cop” portrayal.

“From my perspective, Hank Voight exemplifies real problems in modern policing,” they wrote. “He has been aggressive, controlling, and violent since Season 1. It seems like every episode, he does something illegal or at least shady.”

“Most characters are conflicted about his actions,” they continued. “But the show also portrays these as a ‘necessary evil’ to get the bad guys. Voight has to put a blowtorch to someone’s chest because there’s a kid in a basement somewhere.”

Fans in the replies couldn’t disagree more with their assessment. Though Hank Voight’s actions are often questionable, they feel that’s the best part of the Chicago PD character. “I think that’s the genius of the writing and acting of the character. He’s pretty polarizing with both good and bad extremes,” one fan wrote.

“This is the allure of Voight,” another added. “In the grand scheme of things, he is what Intelligence needs. Yes, it’s ridiculous what he does but that is how he always got results and that’s kind of why Intelligence runs in this gray area. Even in the later seasons he tries to adapt but knows that what he does is a necessary evil.”