‘Chicago PD’ Fans Are Puzzled By This Detail About Voight’s Family

by Caitlin Berard

Like any fan-favorite character of a long-running series, fans want to know everything there is to know about Chicago PD‘s stoic yet caring sergeant, Hank Voight. Part of what makes Voight so interesting, however, is his complicated, somewhat clouded past.

That said, what we do know about him fits right into the tortured hero character template. After spending his childhood in the Windy City, Hank Voight joined the Chicago police force, following in the footsteps of his retired father.

Voight has a strong desire to live up to his father’s legacy, and even keeps a picture of him on the wall of his office. The sergeant has a tendency to use morally ambiguous methods to catch criminals but has a soft spot for troubled youth due to his strained relationship with his own son.

As a young officer, Hank Voight met “the most beautiful college girl in Chicago,” who became his wife. Sadly, she died of cancer at a young age, leaving him a single father and widower.

Much of Voight’s personality can be gleaned from his relationship with those closest to him. This makes it all the more noticeable that there’s one crucial family member who we know virtually nothing about – Voight’s mother.

‘Chicago PD’ Fans Discuss Hank Voight’s Mother

In a recent Reddit thread, Chicago PD fans discussed Hank Voight’s mother. She obviously existed in his fictional life at some point, but is she ever mentioned on the show? Is she alive? While much is said about Voight’s father, his mother seems to be missing from the world of Chicago PD.

Even the series’ most ardent fans can only recall Voight mentioning her in passing, and even that event is questionable. “The only thing I seem to remember is him mentioning in passing that his mother wasn’t afraid to give him a smack as a kid,” one fan wrote. “I don’t remember Voight mentioning anything about his mother. We know a lot about his father but that’s it,” another said.

One Chicago PD fan pointed out that Voight said he doesn’t have any family left. And while he doesn’t explicitly mention his mother, we can assume that she was included.

To this point in the series, Hank Voight has kept his childhood carefully guarded. Season 10, however, could provide the perfect opportunity for the character to open up to his colleagues.

The shocking Season 9 finale saw Voight lose his informant and friend, Anna. Though he was clearly devastated by her death, we learned nothing more about his thoughts on the tragedy. Because of this, it’s highly possible that Hank’s personal feelings will provide a major storyline in the coming episodes.