‘Chicago PD’ Fans Speculate About Which Characters Will Replace Hank Voight

by Shelby Scott

Chicago PD” is about to wrap up yet another successful season, and following an impressive nine years on NBC, many of the original cast members continue to return each year. One of those cast members is the “Chicago PD” Intelligence Unit’s sergeant Hank Voight, played by actor Jason Beghe.

Kicking off the series as a dirty cop, audiences have watched Voight’s dramatic growth and development as an individual and a law enforcement officer. And while some of his views about enacting justice can be flawed, he’s struck a chord in viewers nonetheless. Now, Season 9 of “Chicago PD” is about to come to an end. In the meantime, fans have debated who, if the time came, would make a worthy replacement for Beghe’s character.

‘Chicago PD’ Fans Split Over Halstead and Ruzek for Potential Voight Replacement

“Chicago PD” fans kicked off the discussion on Reddit, where one user began a thread with, “Who do you think will take the unit over [if] Voight was ever to retire or worse, die or not be able to work?”

Truthfully, many “Chicago PD” fans believe the show would not endure long without Voight. However, several agreed that it would be interesting to see the sergeant take a brief hiatus, and put one of his subordinates in charge.

Nevertheless, when it came down to it, “Chicago PD” fans were torn between Detective Jay Halstead (played by Jesse Lee Soffer) and Adam Ruzek (Patrick John Fleuger).”

“100% Ruzek,” one Redditor wrote. “He was Al’s partner for years and has shown himself to be capable of crossing lines.”

Others argued, “Halstead all the way. I think Hank has learned that his way doesn’t fly anymore. The last few times he’s ‘pulled a Voight’ things ended up badly…Jay has the right of it and I think Hank knows it.”

Voight to See Major Development Ahead of Finale

There are just two episodes left of “Chicago PD’s” ninth season and while we’ve seen Voight in some interesting situations before, one of the series’ cast members has revealed the sergeant is about to face some serious development.

While speaking with TVLine, Kevin Atwater actor LaRoyce Hawkins, said, “I think we’re going to see Voight like we haven’t seen him in a while.”

He explained, “We’ve seen Voight defend, protect, and invest his energy within the people that he loves. I’m not sure if the unit expected Voight to connect with Anna or this case as much as he did.”

The “Chicago PD” star concluded, “we’ll watch Voight make peculiar choices compared to what we know him to do consistently.”

That said, we also know the sergeant’s relationship with his informant has complicated things with his team. So perhaps we’ll receive more context regarding that storyline ahead of the finale. Fleuger commented, “Everything that’s going on with [Anna]…that’s between [her and Voight]. We just have to go with what he says, what his orders are [and] what his plan is because he’s the sergeant.”