‘Chicago PD’ Fans Voice Concerns for Halstead Over Jesse Lee Soffer Exit

by Joe Rutland

There is some concern among Chicago PD fans over how in the world Jesse Lee Soffer’s exit will be explained. As you may know, Soffer will be leaving the NBC police drama in its Season 10. Now it is interesting to note that his character, Jay Halstead, just got married to Hailey Upton, played by Tracy Spiridakos.

What will happen with that relationship? We don’t know. Also, will the show leave the door open for a return or simply ax the character altogether? These are questions that the fans have and they just are concerned about how it all will go down. There has not been any official word regarding a reason as to why Soffer is leaving.

Fans of ‘Chicago PD’ Still Looking For A Reason About Soffer’s Departure

Since we are in the One Chicago franchise area, there have been other actors and actresses who have left like Sophia Bush. They have either been written off or killed off. Still, the fact that showrunners and script writers just had Halstead and Upton get married makes us believe that he’s going to be simply still available.

We don’t think that the show will write him out from the get-go. He’s too valuable a character and as solid an actor to make the show so good. Getting rid of him outright is a bit silly. Yet again, Chicago PD might just do it. What will be interesting to see is how the network and Soffer ultimately explain his departure. Observant TV viewers might also be aware that Law & Order: SVU just went through some casting news itself.

Maybe Halstead Is Available Thanks To Speed Dial

Kelli Giddish, who plays Detective Amanda Rollins on there, will be leaving that show in the fall. A decision around dropping Giddish, who is one of the best actresses on there, happened to have been made above her. We can surmise the call was made either by the network or executive producer Dick Wolf himself. That might lead Chicago PD fans to look for a similar pattern around Soffer’s exit.

Heck, they are just looking for a reason or explanation right now. As we mentioned, Soffer is a high-profile star on the show. Either him leaving on his own, which has not been made clear, or the show dumping him appears short-sighted. Fans just want to know what is going on here with Halstead. Maybe there is a way to keep him connected to the show. What if Halstead just goes away and is on, like, speed dial? When something serious happens, and it’s got to be really serious, then they can call him up to return.