‘Chicago PD’ Fans Want This to Happen in Season 10

by Shelby Scott

Season nine of Chicago PD ended with quite the dramatic flair. And, now, following the death of Voight’s CI Anna Avalos, many fans are wondering what the fallout will be. However, even more dynamically, as One Chicago fans wait for the new season to air, they’ve taken to social media to share their thoughts on what they would like to see in season 10. See what they had to say below.

‘Chicago PD’ Fans Are Tired of the Interpersonal Drama

Part of what makes Chicago PD so captivating is the relationship drama that takes place while the show’s detectives run down the Windy City’s biggest criminals. For nine seasons, the dynamic between personal versus professional stakes has made for a massively successful show. However, according to the series’ fans, writers have begun to focus way too much on the tension between the show’s on-again/off-again couple Adam Ruzek and Kim Burgess. Others think the romantic versus professional relationship between Jay Halstead and his partner and wife Hailey Upton has been way overdone.

On Reddit, one fan complained, “I’m over the whole team being coupled with one another while Atwater plays fifth wheel. Separate Adam and Kim and let them have relationships outside of work.”

Another Chicago PD fan said, more blatantly, “[I’d like] Ru[z]ek to kick Burgess to the [curb] for good.”

Other fans feel that, outside of the relationship drama, Chicago PD‘s writers have made every single IU case personal. Altogether, it’s taken the little bit of fun and humor out of much of the show’s storylines. Specifically, one fan wrote, “I’d personally like some cases that were less serious/personal and more one-off.”

They explained, “for me as a viewer, it’s just gotten tiresome for it to be so grim and serious every episode. I’m not saying every episode needs to be funny, but they don’t have to be existential all the time.”

Chi-Hards Hope to See More Trudy Platt Next Season

Plenty of viewers bashed Chicago PD‘s more serious tone throughout season nine. And I can’t help but agree there’s been a lot of relationship drama. On the other hand, many fans have one simple request. More Trudy Platt.

Before Trudy Platt became District 21’s beloved desk sergeant, she was a patrol officer as well as the training officer for the since-departed character Antonio Dawson. Sadly, her more active role was cut when she was shot in her back/hip and forced to take a more laidback job. Since then, we’ve seen very little of the character. And fans are not happy.

“Bring back patrol storylines,” one Chicago PD fan demanded, “more Trudy.”

Another Redditor had a small list of requests, though they ended their response, “More Platt dammit, She is a treasure.”

It’s hard to tell whether complaints about the show’s drama or requests for more Trudy Platt features were more popular. However, either way, I hope Chicago PD writers take at least some of these thoughts under consideration for their sake.