‘Chicago PD’ Fans Want This Problem Fixed on the Show

by Taylor Cunningham

Chicago PD may have a strong fanbase and staying power, as it proved by being renewed for a 10th season. But audiences across the internet have one common beef with the storylines that they wish the show would address. There is too much “I” in the Intelligence Unit’s teamwork.

When the series began, the officers of The Windy City’s 21st district were famously united in fighting crime. Aside from the somewhat sinister Hank Voight, the closeness and trust between the characters were a major draw to the story. And fans kept tuning in to watch.

But somewhere along the way, Chicago PD became less about the department as a whole and more about the individuals. Subsequently, the officers started breaking off to do their own things. And when those things went south, they didn’t rely on each other for help.

For example, last season opened with a shooting that was covered up by Voight and Upton. And the two kept everything under wraps until they had no choice but to involve Upton’s then-finance (now husband), Jay Halstead. Then during the second major story arc of this year, the team failed to have unity while trying to bring down the Los Temidos gang. And because of that, criminal informant Anna Avalos lost her life.

Fans Think ‘Chicago PD’ is Too Dark Without the ‘Camaraderie’

Now that the story keeps getting further and further away from Chicago PD teamwork, people are urging the writers to bring the show back to its roots.

“The problem is the lack [of] cohesiveness in the team,” u/zeissman wrote on a Reddit thread that says the show needs a new direction. “There’s no sense of the camaraderie that they are actual, real people outside of high-stress situations.”

The user went on to share that they miss how the officers used to hang out at Molly’s together. And they also noticed that there are no more jokes by Kevin or interactions with Trudy. Instead, episodes are just “dark and gritty.”

“The ability to connect to the characters because of small things introduced throughout episodes has been lost,” they added.

Redditor u/447ar agreed by saying “that’s exactly what it is [that’s wrong with the show]” and stressed that the writers don’t balance the “darkness and pain” with “humor” and friendship.

“The team used to be shown as a team not just a glimpse of them all together at the start,” they continued. “Everyone on the team used to have a dimensional personality; now they are regulated to their specific trope.”

Another user mentioned that the characters do make comments about spending time together outside of work. But for some reason, the episodes never show them doing so.

So hopefully, the writers will take the hint and bring the focus back on the relationships in the upcoming storylines. Season 10 drops this fall as part of NBC’s fall lineup.