‘Chicago PD’: Was This Hank Voight’s Darkest Scene?

by Taylor Cunningham

Chicago PD’s Officer Hank Voight has rarely taken issue with breaking the laws that he’s pledged to uphold. And he’s proven over and over that there is no limit to how far he’s willing to go, especially when it concerns the people he loves.

Throughout his career with the 21st district, Voight had consistently straddled the line between good cop and dirty cop. And in many cases, he’s completely crossed that line by committing fraud and even murder.

When he made his One Chicago debut on Chicago Fire, he was completely corrupt. His first storyline followed him as he bullied and threatened Matthew Casey into dropping allegations that Voight’s son, Justin, had caused an accident while drunk driving. And when he began with Chicago PD, he was still the same morally and ethically bankrupted officer.

Throughout the seasons, Voight has started down a more respectable path. Though he can’t seem to completely keep his dark side at bay. And he proved that just last season when he and Hailey Upton killed the man who almost murdered their sister in blue, Kim Burgess, and then convinced her to cover up the crime.

That cover-up, like many of his crimes, of course, stemmed from his intense drive to protect the people he cares about. And that drive has led him into a few intensely dark scenes. But none were as dark as the moment that he killed his son’s murderer in season 3.

The ‘Chicago PD’ Season Closure Saw Voight at his Darkest

During the season finale titled Start Digging, Justin finds himself in trouble when the Chicago PD connects him to the murder of a woman. But later in the episode, the drama takes a turn when Justin winds up in the trunk of a car with a bullet in his head.

He initially survives the shooting. But later at the hospital, the doctors tell Voight that his son is brain dead. And Voight makes the impossible decision to take him off of life support.

The trauma of losing his child then materializes into vengeance. And Voight begins the search for Justin’s killer. He soon tracks down the criminal, Kevin Bingham, and takes him to an isolated location. Once there, Voight forces Kevin to dig his own grave.

Erin Lindsay shows up just as Voight points a gun at Kevin’s head. But despite her best efforts, she can’t convince him to end his plan and let the justice system take care of Kevin. So she leaves and lets the officer serve his own justice.

Once she’s gone, Voight executes Kevin point blank—and then stoically fills in his grave.