‘Chicago P.D.’: Has Filming Started on Season 10?

by Taylor Cunningham

The Chicago P.D. season 10 opener is only two months away, which means the cast and crew are about to head back to work in The Windy City.

As CarterMatt revealed today, filming for the One Chicago mainstay will officially begin next week. That means that we’ll soon be seeing the series and actors blast teasers and behind-the-scenes photos all over social media. And with those snippets, we can start making guesses about what’s in store for our favorite officers.

Though, it’s easy to assume that the start of the year will pick up with last May’s heartbreaking finale. In it, the team finally brought down Javier Escano. But closing the case cost them the life of their criminal informant, Anna Avalos.

Next Season, ‘Chicago P.D.’ Will Explore the Death of Anna Avalos

When the fall premiere opens, Chicago P.D. will likely follow its past trends and fast forward the time to meet us in the current day, meaning the officers will have gone through a summer’s worth of life offscreen. And during that time, Hank Voight will have been grieving the loss of Anna and perhaps dealt with the professional fallout of his actions.

Anna died after she learned that Voight had been keeping a horrible secret from her involving her past dealings with Escano. And when she found out, she reacted hysterically. Anna first killed the kingpin and then pointed a gun at Voight. And because of that, Hailey Upton had no choice but to shoot her to save Voight’s life.

Because it was Upton who pulled the trigger, she, too, will be handling repercussions both emotionally and in her career. And since Voight nearly destroyed her relationship with her now-husband, Jay Halstead, and her job earlier that same season, there could be some trouble brewing in her relationship with Voight.

Aside from the obvious, we can only hope that the Chicago P.D. writers will also give us some resolution with the Burzek romance. Kim Burgess and Adam Ruzek have suffered too much heartache over the course of the relationship, and maybe they’ll actually get their happy ending or finally call it quits for good.

Either way, it will be a few weeks before we get any solid teasers from the series. But because the premiere is coming up fast, juicy promos will certainly be filling Twitter and Instagram.

Chicago P.D. and the rest of the One Chicago series return to NBC on Wednesday, September 21. Be sure to check back with us frequently to get all the up-to-date details about what’s in store for the year ahead.