‘Chicago P.D.’: Here are Four Major Questions Fans Want Answered in Season 10

by Taylor Cunningham

The Chicago P.D. Season 10 premiere is less than one month away, and fans are anticipating a great deal of drama coming out of the spring finale. But out of everything, there are four burning questions that everyone needs to see answered as soon as the story begins.

Most importantly, fans what to know what’s in store for Hank Voight—both professionally and emotionally. The last half of Season 9 centered on his relationship with Anna Avalos and their plight to bring down Javier Escano. But when they finally cornered the kingpin, a secret that Voight was keeping came to light. As a result, Anna panicked, killed Escano, and pointed a gun at Voight.

Hailey Upton was on the scene as the situation unfolded, and she had no choice but to shoot Anna. Upton, Voight, and Jay Halstead rushed her to the hospital hoping to save her life. But she died in the ER.

The death visibly destroyed Voight. And it’s possible that he won’t be able to handle his resulting guilt. He will also need to work with the department heads as they review the death. And if they unravel how he handled the entire investigation, his job may be on the line.

Secondly, how will Voight’s actions affect his fellow officers? Voight is in charge of the Intelligence Unit and was responsible for the entire Escano case. During his attempts to arrest Escano, he didn’t just keep secrets from Anna, he also went off the books on several occasions and made less than ethical calls. All the while, Upton and Halstead were watching.

During the official investigation, the two will have to decide if they’re going to bring down Voight with the truth or cover his missteps. Either choice could hurt both of their careers.

Will Burzek Finalize Their ‘Chicago P.D.’ Romance?

Also, what’s going on with Burzek? Kim Burgess and Adam Ruzek have been one of Chicago P.D.’s longest-running will-they-or-won’t-they couples. And at some point, their romance needs to be finalized. Last season, it looked like the two were coming back together when they adopted Makayla as friends and moved in together to co-parent. But when their daughter was kidnapped, the trauma tore them apart.

The fight caused Burgess to pull away from Ruzek and ask him to move out. But can they work through their differences and become a family for Makayla?

“I think they have a lot of belief in each other,” Ruzek’s actor Patrick John Flueger told NBC Insider. “He’s foregoing all other opportunities for relationships or even just, like, some camaraderie from the opposite sex to focus on this girl and this kid.”

And finally, is there a deeper side to the new Chicago P.D. officer, Dante Torres? The last time we saw the rookie cop was during a Season 9 installment called New Guard. In it, he had an alarming amount of intel on the gangs of the city. And that knowledge made some of the senior officers uncomfortable. Now that his actor, Benjamin Levy Aguilar, has been promoted to series regular, we’ll find out if he’ll play a good cop or bad cop.

Chicago P.D. and its sister One Chicago shows all premiere on NBC on September 21.