‘Chicago PD’: Here’s Where You’ve Seen the Actor Behind Ron Perry Before

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images)

In 2014 and 2015, we watched actor Robert Wisdom take charge as District Commander Ron Perry on Chicago PD. And some of you may have recognized his face from other major series and blockbuster films.

In Chicago PD, Perry was suspicious of Hank Voight when he took over the Intelligence Unit. But since a serial killer was on the loose in The Windy City, he went against his better judgment and let Voight take the lead because the somewhat dirty cop always seemed to get results.

The characters ended up bonding in later episodes. And when Perry’s nephew got into trouble with a group of rogue cops, he knew that Voight was willing to stoop to anything to help. So the two teamed up. Unfortunately, the pairing didn’t help Perry much. The cops ended up fatally shooting him, and his run on Chicago PD came to an end.

But while the actor’s time on the series was short, his career in Hollywood has been the opposite. Robert Wisdom has starred in several high-profile films. And interestingly, in almost all of them, he was a man of the law.

Wisdom can be recognized in films from Prison Break to The Dark Knight. But one of his biggest movies was Face Off. In the 1997 John Woo film, the actor worked alongside Nicolas Cage and John Travolta as Tito Biondi.

The story follows Travolta’s FBI agent Sean Archer as he hunts down Cage’s Castor Troy. The notorious criminal had killed Archer’s son and was ready to pull off a bomb plot. And Archer was determined to stop the explosion. But somewhere along the way, the two swap faces. And chaos ensues.

Wisdom’s Bondi is Archer’s second in command on the anti-terrorist team. His main role though is to save Archer every time he nears death at Troy’s hand. And he also tries to convince his boss that it’s a terrible idea to trade faces. But of course, we all know how that discussion turns out.

Before Playing Ron Perry on ‘Chicago PD,’ Robert Wisdom Starred on Another Procedural

Before starring on Chicago PD, Robert Wisdom also worked on another wildly popular procedural called The Wire. For five years, he played the recurring character Major Howard “Bunny” Colvin.

In the HBO series, Bunny is a former Baltimore police officer who is jaded by the job. But despite that, he works hard to bring justice to the people in his community. And out of all his roles, Bunny was one of his favorites.

“I have to say, personally, my life has always been a bit of a maverick, so I do have that affinity with Bunny,” Wisdom told Hobo Trashcan. “It’s this irresistible call. He winds up trying to reform situations. It’s a very strange thing for him. He looks at a situation, and he gets these almost intuitive bursts where he says, ‘If this happened and this happened, we could get something done.’ All he wants to do is move the s*** 10 inches down the way.”