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‘Chicago PD’: Here’s Where You’ve Seen the Actor Behind Brian Kelton Before

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

Though John C. McGinley was only in Chicago PD as Brian Kelton for a single season, he captured the admiration (and the ire) of fans immediately. Superintendent Brian Kelton was every bit as slimy as a TV villain should be. He was not only a corrupt politician but also made things far more difficult for the other members of the CPD, as he had authority over them that a typical police procedural villain would not.

The Many Faces of John C. McGinley, ‘Chicago PD’s Brian Kelton

So, you found Brian Kelton so dastardly that Season 6 of Chicago PD left you thinking, what else has John C. McGinley been in? His strong suit is obviously in villainous roles, but has he ever played a protagonist? Well, his acting career stretches all the way back to 1985 and includes more than 100 credits, but there are a few characters that stand out among the rest.

Dr. Cox in ‘Scrubs’

Let’s start with the role that most likely think of when they see John C. McGinley, Dr Cox in the hit comedy drama Scrubs. Though Dr. Cox certainly does have a mean streak, he’s a dedicated, hardworking doctor and eventual Chief of Medicine. Throughout the nine seasons of Scrubs, John C. McGinley appears in every episode but three, all of which occur in season eight.

Ben Harp in ‘Point Break’

Another protagonist with a jagged edge, John C. McGinley’s Point Break character is technically on the side of the good guys, but is more than a little overbearing with Keanu Reeves’ character. He plays Ben Harp, Supervisory Special Agent for the FBI Bank Robbery Division.

Like most fictional SSAs, he’s the uptight foil for laid-back Agent Johnny Utah (Keanu Reeves). As such, most of McGinley’s scenes involve reprimanding Reeves.

Bob Slydell in ‘Office Space’

Another management character (there’s definitely a pattern here), John C. McGinley plays Bob Slydell in the workplace comedy Office Space, better known as one of “the Bobs”. Bob Slydell is tasked with listening to employees’ suggestions for office improvements. The comedy comes in when Peter gives the most ridiculous suggestions he can think of, knowing he has no interest in working at the office anymore.

To this point, John C. McGinley’s resume consisted exclusively of serious roles, but Office Space provided the opportunity he needed to prove that he could thrive in comedy as well.

Marv in ‘Wall Street’

John C. McGinley’s Wall Street character is a unique one for him, as Marv provides comic relief from the intensity of the rest of the film. While the other characters are hard at work showing just how despicable humans can be, Marv is sarcastic and a bit silly.

In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, McGinley recounted his hilarious first interaction with director Oliver Stone. When Stone called with the Wall Street offer, McGinley agreed, on the condition that he was allowed to continue a play he was acting in, which required him to be at the theater 30 minutes early for vocal warm-ups.

According to McGinley, Stone replied, “‘McGinley, I’ll have you up there, I’ll get a Teamster to drive you, you’ll get to your f—ing half hour! I’m going to make you a f—ing movie star! F— you!’ and then he hangs up on me and I’m like, ‘Great, so he’s out of his mind.'”