‘Chicago PD’: Here’s Which Actors Were Cut From the Show’s Pilot

by Shelby Scott

When Chicago PD first got off the ground, the main cast originally boasted a much larger number of actors. As we wait for the NBC drama’s 10th season to premiere, we’re taking a look back at what the original cast may have looked like in the pilot before a select number of stars were cut.

According to One Chicago Center, the Chicago PD cast initially boasted four additional actors. These included Melissa Sagemiller, Kelly Blatz, Tania Raymonde, and film icon Clint Eastwood’s son Scott. All four of the stars’ characters were slated to work under Chicago PD‘s stalwart sergeant, Hank Voight (Jason Beghe). Before airing its pilot though, all four of the cast members appeared in the Chicago Fire backdoor episode, “Let Her Go.”

Per the outlet, Scott Eastwood originally played the officer called Jim Barnes. So why exactly were he and the rest of the actors cut?

Well, after shooting the backdoor pilot, Chicago PD‘s producers determined there were simply too many characters. And so, some cuts were made. Instead, we were left with Voight and the series’ original actors, some of whom have since departed. When Chicago PD originally aired, Eastwood, Raymonde, and Blatz were cut entirely while Sagemiller appeared very briefly in the series.

‘Chicago PD’ Fans Have a Surprising Favorite Character

There’s no lack of characters to fall in love with in the One Chicago universe. Some popular fan-favorite Chicago PD characters include Detectives Jay Halstead and Hailey Upton. However, longtime fans have actually spotlighted another surprising character as their favorite.

Hank Voight has existed in One Chicago longer than Chicago PD itself. The sergeant made his debut in the fictional universe during season one of the franchise’s original series, Chicago Fire. For many fans, Voight was an extremely unlikable character as he quickly proved to be a dirty cop. Early on, he would manipulate the law to serve and protect him as needed.

However, over the seasons, he grew. Eventually, he would place the wellness and safety of the investigative team over his own, also seeking justice for the Windy City’s most wronged individuals. As such, Chicago PD fans have named him their favorite character.

Responding to a Reddit post, one PD fan said Hank Voight is their favorite character because “when you can see past his tough, gruff exterior he is just full of love.”

They added, “he has devoted himself to the job and despite all his loss he still just wants to do the best for the city.”

Another Chicago PD fan responded, “Absolutely! He’s excellent. I love that he cuts corners where he sees necessary. It’s a really good part about him. He can see where the law fails people and he takes it into his own hands.”