‘Chicago PD’: Here’s Who Fans Declared the MVPs of the Season 9 Finale

by Shelby Scott

On Wednesday night, the explosive “Chicago PD” ninth season finale aired, concluding the race to bring down the season-long villain Javier Escano. All throughout, eyes were locked on District 21’s Investigative Unit. Amid the investigation, we’ve seen each of “Chicago PD’s” leading characters at their best and worst. Now, following the finale, fans of the crime drama have declared several characters the MVPs—Most Valuable Police-squad members.

Hank Voight and his criminal informant Ana Avalos have stood center stage amid “Chicago PD’s” intensifying season nine storyline. Additionally, fans were anxious when Hailey Upton and Jay Halstead nearly got blown up during the penultimate episode.

However, amid all the drama, “Chicago PD” fans deemed Kim Burgess, Adam Ruzek, and Kevin Atwater MVPs of the season’s finale.

Nearly all of our attention has been following the doomed relationship between hank Voight and Ana Avalos. But, realistically, the entire basis of the season nine plot was the I.U.’s investigation surrounding Javier Escano. The finale just had to see the team bring down the drug kingpin’s empire. So, as emotion runs high, Burgess, Ruzek, and Atwater get the job done. The dynamic trio shoots their way into what Looper notes was the biggest drug seizure in the unit’s history.

‘Chicago PD’ Fans Celebrate the Massive Win of the Season 9 Finale

Following the excitement and adrenaline rush at the conclusion of “Chicago PD’s” ninth season, fans of the Dick Wolf-produced series took to social media to celebrate the MVPs.

“HUGE props to Adam, Kim, and Kevin raiding that stash house on their own,” one “Chicago PD” fan wrote. “It would be a missed opportunity if they don’t open the [next season] premiere with them getting their detective shields because they did that with no high ranking officer with them.”

Another “Chicago PD” fan agreed, writing, “For real, Kim, Adam, and Kevin deserve all the awards.”

More fans were just happy to see the trio finally shoot an exciting scene together.

“I’m so glad they got a memorable finale moment together,” one contributor shared. “I’m sure it had to be cool to shoot for all three of them since we rarely if ever see them do scenes like that together.”

How the Show Utilizes Trained Police Officers During Each Episode

If you thought that triple threat during the Javier Escano takedown was impressive then you might just want to thank some real-life trained police officers.

For a now complete nine seasons, we’ve watched our beloved cast further develop their portrayals of genuine police officers.

However, none of the realism would convey nearly as well without the help of everyday Chicago police officers. True we have “Chicago PD’s” special effects and props team to thank for some of the most convincing images, but every single episode of the NBC series sees assistance from law enforcement officers from around the city.

“We have a database of police officers registered in the city and their availability,” casting assistant Cassie Gorniewicz explained. “It’s for background non-speaking roles, but they’re paid just like any other extra would be.”

She further added, “We’re looking for authenticity.”