‘Chicago PD’: How Jesse Lee Soffer’s Exit Messes Up Voight’s Plan

by Joe Rutland

What a way for Chicago PD to enter a new season, Season 10, with one of its main actors, Jesse Lee Soffer, leaving. It is going to affect so many things in the show’s storylines. One of them, of course, will be around Jay Halstead, Soffer’s character, and his marriage to Hailey Upton, played by Tracy Spiridakos.

Then we have what effect will this exit, which is slotted for this fall, have on the Intelligence unit? That’s headed up by Hank Voight, played by Jason Beghe. Right now, it will be a wait-and-see attitude that fans will have to take when it comes to Halstead and Voight.

‘Chicago PD’ Faces Changes Due To Jesse Lee Soffer’s Exit

One thing that we do know about the interactions between both men is that Voight looked upon Halstead as a replacement. Of course, Voight cannot go on leading the Intelligence team forever. This would leave a spot for Halstead to come on in and fill that leadership gap. Now that Soffer is out the door, those plans have to change, too. Halstead has been doubtful at times about Voight’s leadership abilities. It did not help that Voight didn’t include Halstead when it came to some rather important matters.

It’s kind of sad that fans will not get a full Season 10 to say goodbye to Halstead and, in effect, Soffer. He’s been one of the most reliable actors and characters during the show’s lengthy run. Toss in the fact that we really do not have a clear reason as to why he’s leaving. Neither Soffer nor Wolf Entertainment have come forth with a solid explanation. Hopefully, that will be rectified when the season gets underway.

Here’s another character possibility for the show. We know that Hailey will still be around after Halstead leaves. Again, we don’t know how in the world they will address Halstead leaving. It could be that he goes away on an assignment. Maybe he gets killed off, which would take away any chance (except for a flashback) that Halstead could return. We just don’t know how all of this will play out. But we could see Upton finding herself in the place that Halstead would be in as a replacement for Voight. Intelligence will have to get its act together.

While we are talking about Soffer leaving, the actor would have a comment about it. He wrote on Twitter, “This is sad but true. Just want all the fans to know how grateful I am. You guys are why we do it! It has been an honor. Love you all.” He would write this while retweeting a Variety story about the actor’s departure.