‘Chicago P.D.’: Is Carmela Zumbado Returning for Season 10?

by Taylor Cunningham

Chicago P.D.’s season 9 addition, Anna Avalos, was a major player in the show’s second story arc. But unfortunately, the character didn’t survive the conclusion. But does that mean that we will never see her actress Carmela Zumbado on the show again?


In fairness, even when someone is killed off of a series, they still stand a chance of returning to the screen during a flashback. So we can’t count characters out for good.

In fact, the One Chicago sister show Chicago Fire has had firefighters return from the grave a time or two. Andy Darden, who died in the pilot episode even headed back to the screen during season 3. But Chicago P.D. has never taken the flashback path. So, it’s unlikely that it will start now.

However, Anna will remain pivotal to the plot when the show picks back up this fall. The circumstances surrounding her death will be in question for the PD. And both Upton and Voight will be dealing with the emotional and professional backlash for some time.

When ‘Chicago P.D.’ Returns, Anna Will Remain a Part of the Story

Anna Avalos was Voight’s criminal informant as he and his team were working to bring down Chicago drug lord Javier Escano and his Los Temidos gang. And while he and Anna had a somewhat strained relationship, he still bonded with her and ultimately played a part in her untimely death.

When Anna began working with the Chicago P.D., she wasn’t completely honest about her history with Los Temidos. She was technically a member of the gang. But when she went through the initiation, she was sexually assaulted and didn’t tell the officers. While undercover one night, she heard a voice that triggered memories of her attack, and she almost blew her cover.

Later, Voight learned that Escano had ordered the assault on Anna. But he decided not to tell her because he thought the information would put the whole operation on the line.

But, of course, she figured out the truth herself. And when she did, she stabbed and killed Escano and then turned the gun on Voight. Upton was on the scene at the time, and she had no choice but to shoot Anna before Anna could pull the trigger.

Upton didn’t intend to kill Anna, but after she, Voight, and Halstead rushed the victim to the hospital, she died.

When season 10 opens, the officers involved will have likely gone through some off-screen drama. And they’ll be in the thick of things with the P.D. heads and their own grief, which means that Anna Avalos’ presence will be felt hard for months to come.