‘Chicago PD’: Jason Beghe Explains Voight’s ‘Logic’ in Intense Scene With Anna

by Taylor Cunningham

Voight’s resolve to keep his informant Anna in the dark about Javier Escano has created chaos for the Chicago PD team. But according to the detective’s actor, there was some sort of loose logic behind the decision.

This season, Voight and his team are tackling perhaps their biggest challenge yet—the Los Termidos gang. And so far, their efforts have been near-disastrous. Aside from a slew of failed attempts to arrest the leader, Escano, the most recent episode left Hailey Upton’s life in question. And all of the problems may stem from the relationship between Voight and Anna.

Anna is Voight’s criminal informant. Because she has ties to the gang, he thought she could get close to them and help The Chicago PD dismantle it from the inside. However, neither Anna nor her Voight has been completely honest with each other.

Voight and Anna’s Relationship Started on Shakey Ground

First Anna didn’t let Voight in on the fact that a few of the Termidos members assaulted her during her initiation night. And that left him questioning her place in the operation. Then ironically, Voight turned around and lied to her. After finding out that Escano was responsible for her attack, he decided not to tell her.

Voight has never been an officer who plays by the rules, though. So his decision to keep Anna in the dark wasn’t surprising. And according to Voight’s Jason Beghe, he actually had some crooked “logic” behind the deception.

Anna had a terrible, life-changing traumatic experience of being raped in a gang initiation. And she has to present herself as somebody who Escano trusts and that she cares about him,” he told NBC Insider. “And Voight’s logic was to tell her that [Escano] was responsible for that rape, and may have even witnessed it, would take her out of the moment. Voight reasoned, ‘Yes, she deserves to know. But to wait 24 hours is maybe—discretion is the better part of valor.'”

“But obviously, it turns around and bites him,” he added.

Since Anna found out the truth and that Voight knew all along, their relationship has been crumbling. And as expected, it’s affecting the entire case.

Voight’s Bad Calls Are Leading to an Intense ‘Chicago PD’ Finale

As star LaRoyce Hawkins told One Chicago Center, Voight’s handling of the case is leading to an intense season 9 finale. And it’s all because, due to the strain with Anna, the team’s leader is unraveling in front of their eyes.

“We’re watching Voight be extremely invested in a case and in a C.I. more invested than we’ve seen him in a while”, he shared. “So naturally for us, the stakes are raised because we’re watching our sergeant dig deeper… And now we watch him be a little bit more flustered and probably not as sure of himself as we’re used to.”

The Chicago PD finale drops this Wednesday, May 22, on NBC at 10/9c.