‘Chicago PD’: Jason Beghe Opens Up About Voight’s Feelings Toward Anna

by Joe Rutland

The compelling Chicago PD storyline between Hank Voight, played by Jason Beghe, and Anna Avalos definitely stirred up some feelings. After all, Avalos, played by Carmela Zumbado, was working with Voight. She was on assignment to get Javier Escano and Los Temidos. Still, there is a tragic loss when Anna gets shot and killed. Their companionship would become something to watch last season. Voight actually was drawing closer emotionally to her. Now, that’s all gone. What, though, does Beghe have to say about Voight’s feelings toward her?

“They’re both lonely,” Beghe told SciFi Vision in an April 2022 interview. “And so that’s one thing. I mean, she has Rafa, her son. That’s about it and, you know, she’s lost all her family like Voight. She is very, very single-minded and focused and willing to do whatever at her own peril. She’s an emotionally invested person for sure. So is Voight. But it’s about that, it’s about that, not about this (pointing to his head). You know she wants to take these guys down and so does Voight.”

Jason Beghe of ‘Chicago PD’ Points Toward Characters’ Loneliness

Beghe said that professionally, the loneliness kind of works for both Voight and Anna. He says it’s because they are not distracted from going after Escano. He said what they have is the task at hand. And he adds that Anna also is obsessed with this case. Beghe said that Voight finds Anna compelling and that’s kind of “leaking in.”

“Anna had a terrible, life-changing traumatic experience of being raped in a gang initiation,” Beghe tells NBC Insider. “And she has to present herself as somebody who Escano trusts and that she cares about him. And Voight’s logic was to tell her that [Escano] was responsible for that rape, and may have even witnessed it, would take her out of the moment. Voight reasoned, ‘Yes, she deserves to know, but to wait 24 hours is maybe—discretion is the better part of valor.’ But obviously, it turns around and bites him.”

Avalos would find Escano and stab him to death. She would freak out after Voight finds her and end up shooting Voight. Well, that leads to Upton, played by Tracy Spiridakos, to fatally shoot and kill Anna. If you were expecting to see Avalos in Season 10, well, it could be through the magic of flashbacks. That would be totally understandable if we do see Hank having a private moment or two where he thinks of Anna. She was working for him undercover, after all. Voight will be going through his emotional wringer when Season 10 opens up on NBC on Wednesday nights. How will Voight’s emotions be when the new season opens up? We’ll have to see.