‘Chicago PD’ Star Jesse Lee Soffer Attended the Same Prep School as Creator Dick Wolf

by Samantha Whidden

Although he works for Dick Wolf on the set of “Chicago PD,” it appears Jesse Lee Soffer has something else in common with the hit TV show’s creator. 

According to One Chicago Center, the “Chicago PD” actor and the show’s creator both attended The Gunnery, a private boarding school and day prep school in Connecticut. The media outlet reports that Soffer had graduated from the school in 2003 and went on to attend New York University. Meanwhile, Wolf graduated from The Gunnery in 1965. He then went to the University of Pennsylvania and graduated in 1969. 

During an interview with Soap Opera Digest in 2004, Soffer spoke about attending the private boarding school. “I kind of decided that finishing high school had to be a priority, and I put myself through boarding school in Washington, Connecticut. And it was honestly the best decision I’ve ever made. It was the best four years of my life.

Soffer also said that the school was like college but high school. “It was coed, and I lived with all my best friends in the dorm,” he explained. After graduating, he decided to take a break from school to pursue acting. “I deferred from a couple of colleges and I planned on being in school, but I wanted to give acting a shot, so I took a year off and auditioned for a lot of stuff.”

Soffer admitted things were kind of slow with his career and he was going to go to Drew University. Then he got the “Guiding Light” role. “So I sort of put [college] off again and now I’m taking a couple of classes at NYU. Maybe I will end up there some day, but I’m going to take it slow because this is too great an opportunity.”

‘Chicago PD’ Star Jesse Lee Soffer Talks Shooting the Series With Live Ammo 

While speaking to DuJour, “Chicago PD” star Jesse Lee Soffer talked about using live ammo on the set. “It wasn’t even a stunt, but I actually used live ammunition in a scene,” Soffer recalled. “I don’t know if it was sanctioned by anybody, but we were blowing the hinges off of a door with a shotgun.”

Soffer then said that while rehearsing the scene, SWAT guys were around. “They were like, ‘You know, Jesse’s been trained, he knows what he’s doing,’” Soffer recalled. “So I got to shotgun a door off the hinges.”

When asked what draws him to his “Chicago PD” role, Soffer described it as always being challenging. “I’m always trying to find the character and trying to change the character,Soffer shared. “And figure out what he’s going through and what he’d be experiencing in a given moment or something like that, but on top of that we’re always learning.”