‘Chicago PD’s Jesse Lee Soffer Pays Tribute to Costar Anne Heche in Heartbreaking Post

by Shelby Scott

Hollywood is mourning the loss of actress Anne Heche after she succumbed to injuries sustained from a fiery car crash earlier this month. One of her more recent roles came on the NBC series Chicago PD, which saw her in a brief 11-episode arc against actor Jason Beghe’s Hank Voight. Over the weekend, Chicago PD alum Jon Seda took a moment to share a heartfelt tribute to Anne Heche on his personal Instagram. Now, just a few days later, longtime star Jesse Lee Soffer shared a tribute of his own.

Jon Seda’s post, which you can view here, differed a little from Jesse Lee Soffer’s in that the Halstead actor’s seems more “in the moment.” In a heartbreaking statement, the Chicago PD star wrote, “I haven’t really known what to say. I just want to pay my respects. Anne was such a kind person. Always generous. Always funny. I’m so sorry for her family. I hope they know how many people she really touched.”

Of the photos accompanying the sweet caption, the Chicago PD star added, “I think these pics were from her last day on set with us.”

Chicago PD fans took to the comments to share kind words of their own.

“Such kind words. She was a great actress,” one fan said. Another added, “It’s so sad. I was a fan of hers since her days on the soap Another World. She was an amazing actress. Everything she did. RIP ANNE.”

Who Did Anne Heche Play On ‘Chicago PD’?

While Anne Heche did not have a regular role in Chicago PD, she still played a part in a major storyline between the sixth and seventh seasons of the series.

As mentioned above, Anne Heche’s character, Deputy Superintendent Katherine Brennan, served as longtime sergeant Hank Voight’s (Jason Beghe) adversary. She made her first appearance in the show during the season six episode “New Normal.” Her last appearance on Chicago PD came during the season seven premiere, entitled “Doubt.”

Earlier in the series, fans witnessed the death of Voight’s friend and partner Alvin Olinsky and when Brennan was introduced, she was convinced the sergeant was responsible for the death of Olinsky’s murderer. Anne Heche’s character pegged Voight because, as longtime fans of Chicago PD know, the character often goes outside the boundaries of the law to seek justice.

In making her claim known, she suspends the sergeant which leaves former Chicago PD detective Antonio Dawson in charge. Alongside Ruzek, Halstead, and the rest of the team, the investigators uncover the truth of the murder. At the end of the storyline, viewers learned it was actually Heche’s character herself responsible for the murderer’s death.