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‘Chicago PD’: LaRoyce Hawkins Discussed Atwater’s Potential New Love Interest

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images)

Chicago PD” might be winding down for its ninth season. However, series star LaRoyce Hawkins recently teased that his character Kevin Atwater might just have a new love interest.

Since joining “Chicago PD” in 2014, Hawkins’ character Atwater has been extremely unlucky in love. His most recent romantic failings occurred with his early season nine love interest Celeste, played by actress Amanda Payton. The two characters clicked immediately. Soon though, Atwater learned Celeste was not a fan of law enforcement officers and decided to keep his profession hidden from her.

Kevin Atwater Actor Teases New Potential Storyline for Season 10

As we might have suspected, his deception came to an abrupt halt, severing his relationship with Celeste. Recent episodes of “Chicago PD” have hinted Atwater is still working on moving past his breakup with his ex. However, last month, at the annual One Chicago Day, a special fan event centered around Dick Wolf’s “One Chicago” franchise, Hawkins revealed his character might just have a new love interest by the time season 10 premieres.

Fansided stated that the “Chicago PD” star named a familiar face as Officer Kevin Atwater’s next love interest. We might just see a relationship form between him and the recurring character, Zora Scott (Deanne Lauvin).

According to the outlet, Zora Scott is the sister to the “Chicago Med” character, Dr. Dylan Scott, and serves as a Chicago police officer. She’s made multiple appearances across the medical drama’s seventh season so far. Additionally, her profession in law enforcement could further serve to unite her and Atwater, rather than drive them apart.

At the fan event, Hawkins said, “I think Officer Zora will be a perfect fit for Intelligence. Now, whether her and Kevin will find love — that’s really up to Kevin.”

The “Chicago PD” star further reasoned, “we know all of the partners in Intelligence are partners. So if [Atwater and Zora] are just one more partnership, no problem with me.”

Compared to Atwater’s previous relationship with Celeste, the “Chicago PD” star might have a much more positive experience if writers decide to have him and Zora fall in love. After all, with the same professions, the couple could find plenty of other things to ignite drama over.

Last New Episode of ‘Chicago PD’ Highlighted Atwater

Because Atwater is the only “Chicago PD” officer lacking a romantic relationship, it’s easy to think his character might fall to the wayside. However, before “Chicago PD” went on hiatus a few weeks ago, writers centered season nine’s 19th episode around none other than LaRoyce Hawkins’ lovesick character.

The episode, entitled “Fool’s Gold,” was a strange one, with a string of break-ins seeming to target Chicago’s wealthiest homes. While our team is usually pretty quick to get to the bottom of a case, Sergeant Hank Voight, Atwater, and the rest of the Intelligence Unit struggle to identify a suspect.

While several fan-favorite characters boast dynamic roles in the series’ last new episode, we watched as Atwater took a forerunning position, a delightful change from the focus on the series’ two crime-fighting couples.