‘Chicago PD’: Major Season 10 Spoiler Spotted on Set

by Taylor Cunningham

A Chicago PD Twitter fan page just gave away a major spoiler ahead of this fall’s season 10 premiere.

May’s finale left audiences on the edge of their seats when they watched Hank Voight’s secrecy lead to a surprising death. As the show ended, his informant, Anna Avalos, learned the truth about Javier Escano’s part in her physical assault years prior—and she killed him. Then in a panic, she pointed a gun at Voight, which gave Hailey Upton no choice but to shoot her. Sadly, the gunshot was fatal.

The new season will detail the aftermath of the bust gone wrong. And apparently, a new informant will be joining the Intelligent Unit to help lead the efforts. But instead of an under-cover plug, the informant will come as a new full-time officer.

According to some behind-the-scenes photos posted on August 3rd, Benjamin Levy Aguilar’s Dante Torres is immediately hitting the beat with Upton and her new husband, Jay Halstead.

Torres has only appeared on Chicago PD once in the past. During the season 9 episode titled New Guard, the rookie cop proved to have extensive knowledge of every single street gang in The Windy City. Halstead was initially suspicious of just how much information Torres had, and he thought that Torres may be secretly working with the enemy. But by the end of the episode, Halstead realized that Torres was a valuable asset.

The episode laid the groundwork to have Torres become a major player in the department. But when he didn’t re-emerge for the closure, people gave up on him coming back to the screen.

New Photos Prove That the Actor is Hard at Work on the ‘Chicago PD’ Set

However, the Twitter photos prove that Dante Torres is finally putting his street smarts to good use with the CPD.

According to Deadline, Torres isn’t just sticking around for a character arch either. The actor has officially been promoted to a series regular.

Interestingly, while Torres has only joined the team once, the actor has actually starred in Chicago PD twice. Aguilar also had a guest spot on the series back in 2019 during the installment titled Doubt. In that story, he played Franco Chavaro.

The episode followed Halstead and Upton as they worked to prove that Voight was innocent of the murder of Chicago mayoral candidate Brian Kelton.

While trying to track down the killer, the duo finds that Chavaro is the owner of the murder weapon. But by the end, they realize that he is also innocent when the team learns that one of their fellow officers had stolen a gun from Chavaro and used it to commit the crime.