‘Chicago PD’ Star Marina Squerciati Hints at a Crossover With Behind-the-Scenes Pic With ‘Med’ Characters

by Alex Falls

One Chicago fans are chomping at the bit to see more of their favorite teams behind The Windy City’s public service teams. The wait is coming closer to an end as all three flagship shows are rolling in front of cameras for a return in September.

Some of the stars have already spread their excitement through social media posts marking the beginning of production. Chicago PD star Marina Squerciati took part in the fun by posting her own look behind the scenes on her Instagram. But Squerciati’s photo hints at something much bigger at play.

“First day back and I came to the wrong show. Whoops.”

From the looks of it, there’s a big crossover in the works between Chicago PD and Chicago Med. Squerciati took the selfie alongside Nick Gehlfuss and S. Epatha Merkerson, aka Dr. Will Halstead and nurse Sharon Goodwin of the Gaffney Chicago Medical Center. Fans immediately reacted to sneak peak with excitement.

“This made my week! And I love that today was your first day back on set. I posted my #Burzek Funkos today to celebrate the start of the new season with you all! I hope you like them,” wrote one fan. “Whoa, already more crossovers than we’ve had the last two seasons, LOL. So happy that you’re back Marina!!” said another.

Fans only have to wait a couple more months to get their chance to dive back into the One Chicago universe. Chicago FirePD, and Med will all return on Wednesday, September 21st. Chicago Med kicks off the premiere night at 8 p.m. EST, followed by Fire at 9, and PD at 10.

Does One Chicago Crossover with Other Franchises?

We often see the different worlds of One Chicago interacting with one another. Crossover possibilities are seemingly endless with these shows and teams all operating simultaneously. Certainly one of the things fans love most is the potential crossover moments that could be waiting right around the corner.

But what about some of the other Dick Wolf-launched TV franchises? Law & Order and FBI have their own universes fans love to see pull-off crossover events of their own. But One Chicago has gone one further by crossing over into both of those franchises on occasion.

One early episode of FBI featured appearances from several Chicago alums, but these appearances were fleeting and did not feel like a major event. More like a way to build the audience for FBI when it was still fresh. Inter-franchise crossovers continue to be rare.

Despite rarely getting to see significant crossovers with other franchises, they’ve all established working relationships with each other. As such, a major crossover event could happen at any time. Fans should stay diligent as at any moment they could find a familiar character popping up in a new setting.