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‘Chicago PD’ Star Marina Squerciati Shouts Out Laroyce Hawkins Ahead of Tonight’s ‘Big Episode’

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly & People)

It’s a big night for “One Chicago” this Wednesday, with strange, thrilling accidents, crimes, and mysteries emerging across the franchise. And over on “Chicago PD,” viewers will see the spotlight turn back to Intelligence Unit officer Kevin Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins). This time, Hawkins takes point, at the head of the all-new episode, “Fool’s Gold.” Ahead of his episode feature, though, Hawkins’ costar Marina Squerciati is giving him a shoutout on Instagram. The Kim Burgess actress turned her own spotlight on the “Chicago PD” star in her latest post.

Together, she and her “Chicago PD” costar enjoy drinks during a break from filming.

“It’s Laroyce’s BIG episode tonight!” the Kim Burgess actress announced. “Raise a glass to my guy and watch him on CHICAGO PD tonight!!!”

Wednesday night’s upcoming episode will surely be exciting. Instead of following fan-favorite couples, “Burzek” or “Upstead,” showrunners have put the focus back on Kevin Atwater for the time being.

Previews show there’s a perpetrator on the loose, and they’re targeting the rich citizens of Chicago. However, things take a turn for the weird as our dynamic unit struggles to identify a suspect. What makes this episode especially exciting though is that LaRoyce Hawkins takes the plot lead, with first look photos capturing the “Chicago PD” character in action, donning a bulletproof vest and his pistol drawn.

Be sure to tune in to the “BIG” episode tonight when “Chicago PD” airs on NBC at 10 p.m. EST.

A Preview for ‘Chicago PD’ Episode ‘Fool’s Gold’

As suggested above, the next all-new episode of “Chicago PD” won’t be pretty, the investigation surrounding the upper-class levels of the Windy City. And while Atwater might have point during this particular episode, it seems even our most experienced officer, Sergeant Hank Voight, is stumped. Check out the trailer below.

The clip features several of our favorite “Chicago PD” characters, namely Atwater, Burgess, Halstead, and Voight. Notably absent, however, are Hailey Upton and Adam Ruzek. So that leaves us wondering if the characters will be on a temporary hiatus this week.

Regardless, Atwater’s at the front of this episode, clearing crime scenes, reassuring victims, and chasing getaway cars down Chicago’s streets.

Already, things appear dicey. Halstead reveals during the trailer that one of their crime scenes appears to be a “home invasion gone wrong,” while Atwater assures an occupant of their safety.

Later, Burgess and Voight both express frustration in the upcoming investigation, the female officer checking and rechecking their findings, with Voight left to ponder who the “offender” could possibly be.

“We need proof,” he insists, exasperated. In this case, though, it seems proof is lacking, which, on the side of the audience means “Fool’s Gold” is definitely going to be a memorable episode.