‘Chicago PD’: New Trailer for Season 9 Finale Shows Voight Getting a Warning

by Shelby Scott

Season nine of “Chicago PD” has been the epicenter of drama within the “One Chicago” universe this season. However, more often than usual, a lot of that drama centers around our typically collected Investigative Unit sergeant, Hank Voight. And now, with the finale of “Chicago PD” set to air on NBC tonight, a new preview shows Voight is getting a warning from Jay Halstead during the final episode. Check it out.

All eyes are on Hailey Upton as the preview kicks off. The first frame shows the downed officer seemingly unconscious with a nasty gash across her face.

Following the cliffhanger ending of last week’s penultimate episode, Screen Rant states things are coming to a boiling point during the finale. Ruzek urgently warns the team, “This whole thing is coordinated. Escano’s going scorched earth.”

As we know, the drug kingpin is set on maintaining his Chicago rule. He’s also taking out anyone that gets in his way. And now, the preview shows Ana Avalos, Voight’s C.I., in the backseat of an SUV, the sergeant yelling at her to “Get down!” as they race from an unknown pursuant.

However, it’s Halstead’s warning to Voight that has us at the edge of our seats. Voight and Halstead have had a strained relationship since the early episodes of “Chicago PD’s” ninth season. However, with the sergeant having become personally involved in their latest investigation, the younger man says to Voight, “She can’t just walk from this.”

Likely, he’s referencing Ana as she’s been toeing the line between what she knows is right and wrong.

That said, Voight vows, “I’m gonna save her.”

Whether or not it’s morally the right thing to do or not, the “Chicago PD” character intends to take things “off the books,” with Halstead issuing a final warning, “You’re about to go off the deep end.”

Be sure to tune in to the intense season nine finale of “Chicago PD” when it airs Wednesday, May 25th at 10 p.m. EST.

‘Chicago PD’ Stars Speak to Potential Character Deaths During Season Finale

While Voight rushes to save Ana’s life from Chicago’s leading kingpin, fans have their worry invested in another “Chicago PD” character.

When the penultimate episode of “Chicago PD” season nine aired last week, the final frames saw Officer Hailey Upton thrown to the pavement of a parking lot following a massive car explosion. The episode lefts “PD” fans wondering, did Hailey Upton die?

Fortunately, some of our favorite series stars cleared up some things for us.

During an interview with TV Insider, Adam Ruzek actor Patrick John Flueger said, “Who gets rid of Tracy Spiridakos (Hailey Upton) from a show?”

Unthinkable, apparently, because he continued, “You just don’t do it.”

More genuinely, the “Chicago PD” actor said, “we’d all be very sad on set [if Upton died] because she brings the light.”