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‘Chicago PD’: One Lead Actor Was Also a ‘Princess Diaries’ Star

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images)

Attention all 90s kids, one of your favorite characters from Disney’s Princess Diaries is now a lead on Chicago PD.

If you can’t place the film, we’ll give you a refresher. It’s the 2001 release that saw Anne Hathaway’s Mia Thermopolis transform from a geeky high school student to royalty after finding out that she’s the sole air to the throne of a small European country called Genovia.

Aside from Hathaway, the flick stars major actors such as Julie Andrews, Mandy Moore, Hector Elizondo, and Patrick John Flueger—yeah, as in Officer Ruzek. We were surprised, too.

Flueger played the adorable electric-red-haired Jeremiah Hart, one of the Grove High School students who land a spot on Lilly’s Shut Up and Listen talk show.

Until recently, most fans, including us, had no idea that a Chicago PD star played in one of our favorite angsty teenage movies. And we probably would have continued to live in ignorance had a TikToker not connected the dots.

“Who was going to tell me? Because right now I’m panicking at the disco,” JennyTuell14 says in a video. “I just found out that this man, Jeremiah from The Princess Diaries—who I might add is an absolute snack and severely underrated—now looks like this and is on Chicago P.D.”

Patrick John Flueger Started as Lilly’s Love on ‘Princess Diaries’ and is Now Burgess’ Love on ‘Chicago PD’

And while Patrick John Flueger has definitely gone through a physical transformation, one thing remains the same. The actor is still a screen-side heartthrob.

In the Princess Diaries, the actor was the ultimate crush of Lilly Moscovitz, Mia’s best friend. And in Chicago PD, he owns the heart of Kim Burgess.

Now, you may wonder why we’d say that. Because for years, Burgess and Ruzek have been “just friends.” But recently, Flueger shared that the two officers will indeed “end up together.”

During an interview, Us Weekly asked the actor the questions that we’ve all been wondering—what’s up with Burzek? And he confirmed that they’re slowly growing closer.

“Well, they will [get together]. But [they’re] not going to in the way that you think they’re going to. I think at the end of the day, they’ll end up together, but I don’t think it’s an easy road to get there.”

In recent episodes, the secretly in love couple has dealt with a whole mess of drama. After Burgess adopted a girl named Makayla, Ruzek has been helping to raise her. But they had a bit of a scare when someone drugged and kidnapped her for ransom.

Luckily, the duo found her. But now, they’re pitted in a custody battle against Makayla’s biological uncle. So while it’s worrisome to know that the officers have a lot in store during the upcoming episodes, it’s relieving to have confirmation that they’ll eventually make it through and into each other’s arms.