‘Chicago PD’: One Star Also Appeared in ‘Footloose’

by Shelby Scott

The cast of “Chicago PD” is a close-knit one, with many of the show’s stars really launching their career within the Dick Wolf-created universe. However, several of the series stars have held prominent roles in other films and shows. That includes Detective Adam Ruzek actor Patrick John Flueger. Flueger has a variety of roles on his resumé, evening holding a minor role in “The Princess Diaries” in his youth. However, you might also recognize him from the classic movie remake, “Footloose,” starring Kenny Wormald and Julianne Hough.

Overall, we’re used to Patrick John Flueger playing one of the good guys on “Chicago PD.” However, interestingly, he actually played an antagonist in the “Footloose” remake.

If you watched the 2011 film, then you’ll immediately recognize the Ruzek actor in his role as Chuck Cranston. Chuck, the abusive boyfriend of main character Ariel (Julianne Hough), established a feud with Wormald’s Ren McCormack. Throughout the 2011 film, we follow the characters’ rivalry.

More than a decade later, we’ve seen Patrick John Flueger’s growth as an actor. On “Chicago PD” we enjoy watching him as the pivotal character he currently plays.

Interestingly, according to Looper, the “Footloose” remake actually saw better reviews than the original. As per the outlet, the 2011 version received a 68% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, while the 1984 version received just 51%.

Patrick John Flueger Talks ‘Chicago PD’ Team Dynamics Ahead of Season Finale

There are just two episodes remaining for “Chicago PD” season nine. But, ahead of the finale, some of the series’ stars spoke out about what fans can expect. For the most part, we can expect to learn more about the Hank Voight and Anna Avalos storyline.

During an interview with TVLine, the Ruzek actor said of their developing relationship, “Everything that’s going on with [Anna], this father-daughter relationship, that’s between them.” As to the rest of the “Chicago PD” characters, he explained, “We just have to go with what he says, what his orders are [and] what his plan is because he’s the sergeant.”

Despite having kept pertinent information from his team and forcing the detectives to blindly follow orders, Flueger revealed ahead of the finale, “[Voight’s] our fearless leader, but no so fearless [and] not so sure in these last two episodes.”

Patrick John Flueger’s costar LaRoyce Hawkins shared further details about the Voight storyline.

“I think we’re going to see Voight like we haven’t seen him in a while,” Hawkins said. “We’ve seen Voiught, defend, protect and invest his energy within the people that he loves. I’m not sure if the unit expected Voight to connect with Anna or this case as much as he did.”

The Kevin Atwater actor concluded, “we’ll watch Voight make peculiar choices compared to what we know him to do consistently.”