‘Chicago PD’: One Star Had a Boxing Career Before the Show

by Shelby Scott

Chicago PD” fans have become accustomed to the NBC crime drama without Antonio Dawson actor Jon Seda. Seda left the series following the conclusion of “Chicago PD’s” sixth season. But, before his departure, he served as a dedicated detective within the CPD. Interestingly, though, before finding fame within the world of “Chicago PD,” Jon Seda boasted a successful career in boxing.

Antonio Dawson had a lot of depth as a character. Across six seasons of “Chicago PD,” fans got to know the CPD detective not only as a law enforcement officer. We also saw him as a brother to “Chicago Fire’s” Gabby Dawson as well as in the role of gym owner and trainer. When Antonio Dawson wasn’t chasing bad guys, he could be found training other boxers in his gym, per Looper.

Interestingly though, Seda’s talents as a boxer are all his own. Long before he came to “Chicago PD,” he had an impressive career in the sport. Seda continues to see praise from the greater boxing community.

In 1992, the “Chicago PD” star scored his first role in a movie called “Gladiator.” “Gladiator” was a boxing film that starred Cuba Gooding Jr. and featured Jon Seda as one of several boxers competing in illegal fights for extra money. The role was perfect for the then-breakout actor. In 1989, Jon Seda had been the runner-up for the New Jersey Golden Gloves, which is the biggest amateur boxing title. Seda boasted 21 wins and just one loss.

Jon Seda Still Involved With Boxing Community Even Following ‘Chicago PD’

Jon Seda may have fully steeped himself in a career of acting following his time as an amateur boxer. However, just because he’s left the sport almost entirely doesn’t mean the boxing world’s forgotten about him.

Following his first official season on “Chicago PD” as Antonio Dawson in 2014, Jon Seda served as the Grand Marshal during 2015’s Boxing Hall of Fame Parade of Champions.

Additionally, Seda once revealed just how often he thinks about boxing.

“Sometimes I have dreams and they feel so real that I wake up and go, ‘Oh, wait a minute, I’m not boxing anymore, I’m actually acting,'” the “Chicago PD” star revealed.

He further shared, “I think about [boxing] a lot. To me, it’s kind of like an unfinished chapter. I get to play a lot of boxing roles in films, and experience that. But I think about it all the time.”

Given just how intertwined Jon Seda is with the history of “Chicago PD,” we can’t help if the Antonio Dawson actor thinks about his old role as much as he does boxing.

In sharing the details behind his departure to leave “Chicago PD,” Seda said he simply felt as though his character had hit a “creative dead end.”